When thinking about adding security to your home, adding a security door or gates is usually the last security feature people think of. Security doors create a barrier from three things: people, bugs, and weather. There are the more important things that you want to keep out of your home when they are not invited.… Read More

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Arizona’s summer heat can cause your gates to warp which calls for maintenance, repairs, or even replacement. Make sure you know the signs of when it is time to replace. You have gates at your home or business for a reason, whether that be to protect your home, RV, children from the pool, or products… Read More

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Crimsafe® is a trademarked security system, consisting of mesh and frame systems that effectively provide security for your windows, doors, and any other area you wish to keep safe from intruders. The technology is designed to offer homeowners and businesses with a non-obstructive, virtually invisible solution to security and privacy. Crimsafe® also has the added… Read More

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There are a number of benefits to security doors; not all of which have to do with unwelcome guests. While security doors are great for keeping undesirables out, they are also useful for keeping pets and small children in. Unlike in the movies, most burglars are easily deterred by safety measures such as security doors… Read More