One feature that we see on a lot of homes and neighborhoods today are driveway gates. No matter the size or price of your home, adding a driveway gate has become an affordable and secure way to protect your entire home. When adding a driveway gate, it should be customized to securely fit the size of the opening and you should be confident that it is installed properly.

Why Install a Driveway Gate?

One of the biggest features of adding a driveway gate is that it can be the needed security features that you have been looking for. Because this gate is located at your driveway, you can block out any unwanted visitors from parking in your driveway. This gate can also protect your kids and pets from staying in the yard, so they don’t enter the street if they are not supervised.

A driveway gate can also add curb appeal and property value to your home if you are looking to sell soon or to just add more style to your home.

Choosing a Gate

There are many designs out there that you can choose from when deciding on a double door gate. When it comes to choosing a company to manufacture and install your gate, make sure that they can customize it to fit your specifications and modify it to your needs. You can choose the height you want it to be to either cover people from seeing over or to simply keep cars out.

Other features that you can consider is allowing other to view into your property through the gate. You can add on features that will cover the entire gate with wood panels to keep your driveway completely blocked off. Of course, there are several designs available to bring your style to life.

Safety Measures

When adding a driveway gate, you should keep in mind some safety precautions for your entire family and anyone who visits your home. One of the biggest things you should know about any moveable or remote controlled gate is that while it is opening or closing, people should stay far away from the gate. Along with this, standing near or climbing the gate should not be allowed.

To keep out unwanted vehicular traffic along with keeping your family safe in the corridors of your home, installing a driveway gate can solve these and other security means. At Steel Shield Security, you are in good hands when choosing a double gate for your home. Call (623) 581-3667 today to find out more about our variety of custom and electronically controlled privacy gates.