It’s summer time and the kids are home from school, enjoying their summer vacation. Most parents believe they have taken the precautionary measures to protect their children, especially if they are home alone. As most know, there is a lot to protect them from including leaving the front door open, the pool area, and even heavy equipment that you may have stored in the backyard. At Steel Shield Security, we offer many products to help protect your family.

If your home has a garage code or an alarm system, at a certain age your children should know these passcodes in case they need to be home alone or get locked out. However, the down fall of this is that they could possibly share this with others without knowing the consequences or outcome with it. It is important to let your children know that if they do know the codes that they should remain a secret.

Pools are one of the greatest risks to any home, even if your child knows how to swim. By installing a fence around your pool is very important and make sure it is one that small children do not have the ability to open. Protect them and any friends they bring over by keeping people away from the pool, when they are home alone. Steel Shield Security offers a wide range of safety pool gates, barriers, and fences.

Additionally, cars, RVs, four wheelers, and lawn equipment are usually stored away on the sides of houses or in a garage. These can be very dangerous and potentially life threatening if children play with them not knowing their power. It is important that you protect these large items with steel gates, security doors or other protection systems.

Protecting your children is difficult, especially if they are home alone. Make sure they know the importance of locking a door or gate behind them and always keeping it locked, even if they are home with others. Steel Shield Security is here to help protect your family and belongings, don’t wait until it’s too late. We’ve been in busy for more than 20 years and take pride in the quality of our products. Call us today to learn more at 623-581-3667.