There are plenty of products and services out there in our technology driven world that will help us alert authorities that someone has broken into your home. Video cameras, motion sensors, and security codes are just some devices that alert the proper authorities that someone has entered the home unwanted. If there was a way that you could prevent them from entering your home, would you do add it to your home’s security?

At Steel Shield Security, we offer several lines of defense to prevent burglars from entering your home. Points of entries into your home could be through the window whether it is left open or a door that is unlocked or weak enough to break into.

Window Guards and Sun Screens

The one place burglars can use to look inside your home is an uncovered window. Here they can see if you are home, what valuables you have around and ultimately could be a point of entry. Take immediate action by installing a sun screen or window guard. Sun screens are going to stop intruders from being able to see into your home whereas a window guard is in place so they cannot enter through the window. Both of these products are secure enough to keep your family safe and keep intruders out.

Security Doors

If you have a weak door at the front, back, or side of your house, this could be an easy entry point especially if you leave it unlocked. With any door that you have, it is important that you always have your door locked even if you are at home to prevent unwanted entry. If you notice that the lock doesn’t work or that there are holes between the door and the frame, it is time to replace for a stronger more reliable door. Steel Shield Security creates custom steel doors that match any home and style.

Gates and Entry Enclosures

Gates are available to you to keep your family safe from pools, lock away RVs and even stop cars from entering your driveway. No matter what type of gate or enclosure you are looking for, Steel Shield Security has it. Gates and enclosures are a perfect way from keeping out unwanted visitors from seeing what you have and from easily entering.

Want to add any of these security features to your home to protect your family? Give Steel Shield Security a call at (623) 581-DOORS. We can answer any and all questions you may have regarding any of our custom products.