What Is Crimsafe®?

Crimsafe is a stainless steel security mesh and frame system that is used to secure windows, doors and outdoor areas that are at risk for intruders and insects. Lifetime Guarantee For Crimsafe Product Failure or Deterioration. Up to $1,000 of insurance deductible reimbursed for product failure.

This product is known for looking like an insect screen from a distance. It is also great for keeping mosquitos out of the house on days when you want to let the fresh air flow through. But, Crimsafe is not like any ordinary insect screen, it makes your home practically impenetrable to thieves or intruders.

Crimsafe® is known for
two special features:

1. ‘Screw-Clamped’ Mesh – Can’t Be Kicked Out!

The Crimsafe® mesh is placed between two serrated pieces of aluminum that clamp the mesh airtight. One of the pieces of aluminum is a strip with a hook while the other is the frame the hook goes into. All three pieces are then screwed together with a stainless steel, tamper-resistant screws. All components of the Crimsafe are separated by a Santoprene bead that helps eliminate electrolysis, which leads to corrosion. In the end, you have a barrier that cannot be kicked in, and is burglar proof! You have the The Screw-ClampedTM Mesh that Beats More Burglars.

This process is internationally patented and unique to just us! Crimsafe® is the only company that features this mechanical setup that provides unbeatable strength and protection for you and your family.

2. Crimsafe’s Mesh is 0.9mm /.035″ Thick and Meticulously Woven

Market research reveals that the most common method of entry through security screens are well-placed kicks that occur in a series. This will ultimately end up busting the screen apart. This method has no effect on Crimsafe’s unbeatable technology. An injury will occur before someone every gets near breaking through a Crimsafe® screen.

It is also very difficult to cut through Crimsafe’s mesh technology. Take any big knife that you know of, and hack away at Crimsafe®, holes may occur, but you will never be able to fit through them. That’s because the mesh is an incredible ‘shear’ resistance. This means that an intruder will not be able to make a hole in the mesh by stabbing it and then attempt to make the hole bigger by using body weight and dragging the knife.

Another fact to prove that Crimsafe®‘s mesh is rather remarkable is that before it came onto the market, no other company was able to weave a .9mm premium grade security steel. A wire products manufacturer had to be brought on board and make customized machinery before this could actually be done.

Last but not least, secret coating helps the mesh’s lifespan and appearance. The coating gives the mesh a cool black look, while being strategically designed to protect from the environment. It is a highly durable coating that contains special additives that help ensure a long life and satisfactory appearance.

To prove the worth of the Crimsafe® mesh, we sent samples to undergo the “Salt Spray Test.” It measures the amount of corrosion resistance when exposed to high amounts of weathering conditions. The mesh was sprayed for 1000 hours straight, which simulates 10 years of environmental exposure. The Crimsafe® mesh passed with flying colors.

We really mean it when we say Crimsafe® beats more intruders than anything else out there on the market.