A common feature to any home are sliding doors as they bring in natural light along with making a room feel larger. According to some statistics, 22% of burglars enter through sliding doors in the back of your house. Sliding glass doors can be a welcome sign to burglars for many reasons:

  • They are often left unlocked or are easily unlocked – Sliding doors do not offer a secure way to keep your home safe with their standard features.
  • Share what is in your home – Because these doors have large glass windows, this allows for anyone to easily see into your home and see your belongings.
  • Sliding glass doors are made of tempered glass – This allows for someone to easily break the glass without worrying about being hurt from it.

So, what happens now if you have a sliding glass door? There are precautions that you can always take to keep burglars from entering your home from your sliding door. A majority of sliding glass doors come standard with a latch as a lock. If your sliding glass door has this feature, you can install security bars, door locks, bolt locks, or even door sensors to stop and notify you when someone is trying to break in.

Because sliding glass doors are made of tempered glass, you can replace the glass with an impact-resistant glass, add a window film that makes it more difficult to break through, or glass-break detectors. These items will also help detect and stop any intruder from entering your home.

Before deciding on purchasing sliding glass doors, it is important to do your research and learn about their weaknesses and the other options you have. Unlike sliding doors, security doors offer the style you are looking for but with the added security features already added on instead of having to purchase them yourself.

By investing in the right security door for your home, you can sleep at night knowing that your house is always secured. Steel Shield Security creates high quality security doors made from genuine steel to help beautify your home along with keeping you, your family, and your belongings safe and secure.

Sliding glass doors can be lifted from their tracks and out of the frame for another way of access into your home. Security doors do not have this problem. One of the many product standard features that come with Steel Shield Security doors is that all our doors are “Flush Mounted” or have a 16-gauge heavy duty steel frame depending on the construction of your home. Both features directly related with creating the strongest and most secure installation and frame possible for your home.

If you are thinking about replacing your door or are wanting to know more about Steel Shield Security, give us a call, (623) 581-3667. We can help guide you in the right direction and share with you the product standard features.