Tax season is among us and that means that many of us will receive tax refunds. So, the question many of us ask ourselves is “what is the best use of our tax refund this year?” You can use your tax refunds to protect your home with security doors and gates.

The perfect time to get your home protected is before it is broken into or items are stolen from the backyard. Use your tax refund to protect your home this season with added security measures to keep intruders out.

This improvement to your home can put an added layer of protection on your home that you didn’t have before. With all the entryways into your home, it is important that each is secure from intruders. Adding security to each entryway may take time, however, with tax refunds hitting our mailboxes, we can make some decisions on what improvements can be made now and what can wait.

There are countless ways that you can spend your refund: put in your savings, towards a vacation, a shopping spree, or even using it on bills. So, why should you spend it on adding a new line of security defense to your home?

Scenario #1

It is important that everyone saves money for instances that come up in life that we did not plan for. If your house is broken into and you’re not keen on claiming it on your homeowner’s insurance in fear of higher rates, you have the savings to replace the items that were stolen or broken during the intrusion. It is important to know that this could have been stopped if your tax refund was invested back into the security of your home, and therefore, leaving your savings for other needed situations.

Scenario #2

You use your tax refund money to take a much-needed vacation. You let all your friends on social media know that you are leaving, which unfortunately can attract unwanted visitors to your house. While you are away, your house is broken into and your valuables are stolen. If you don’t have the right coverage or don’t want to claim it on your insurance, you will return from your vacation needing to replace your stolen items as well as replacing the intruders’ point of entry.

Scenario #3

Maybe you need that retail therapy or maybe your tax refund is simply burning a hole in your pocket. We all enjoy that instant gratification we get when heading to the mall or online shopping and receiving new packages in the mail. But, you could be a target for intruders. We’ve heard dozens upon dozens of news stories about packages being stolen from the front doors of homes. Not only could packages be stolen, if there is a clear sight into your home, but they could also return to try to enter your home.


Instead of experiencing any of these scenarios, you could have protected your house and belongings by installing that first line of security. Security doors, entrance gates, and security windows allow for that protection your house so desperately needs. You could also add sun screens to not only protect your house from heat exposure and harmful UV rays but from people seeing into your home. Preventing these scenarios from happening makes it easy to choose security doors, gates, or screens being installed from your tax refund.

Protect your house, belongings, and family by taking the needed measures and precautions. Call Steel Shield Security today to find out how we can custom create security doors and gates for your house.