As an Arizona resident, we all understand how hot the spring and summers can be. Because of this weather, our AC kicks on a little more frequently, our energy bills rise in the summer months, and we are always looking for ways to save. Sunscreens are one of the best ways to do keep your home cool and save money.

To help keep your home cooler and save during the summer months, it is important to know where the heat is entering from. Your windows are the number one way that heat is entering your house without your knowledge of it happening. Uncovered windows can account for 48% of the heat that enters your home, creating a warmer environment and increased energy usage.
To cut down costs on your electricity bill, you can either embrace having an unbearably warm house or you could consider calling Steel Shield to install sunscreens. Right now is the perfect time to install sunscreens before the temperature gets any hotter. One of the biggest benefits you can receive from installing sunscreen is by seeing a reduction in your electric bill by as much as 30% and companies like APS and SRP even offer rebates through the end of April.
Sunscreens are made from a material that reduces glare and can complement your home’s paint color and trim. At Steel Shield Security, you can choose from two different sunblock fabrics that either block out 80% or 90% of sun rays. Each is made from a fabric called Textilene®, which is weaved from untearable and lasting vinyl-coated polyester for the longest-lasting fabric for sunscreens available.
Sunscreens made from this material, Textilene®, are proven to help lower utility bills especially during summer months, reduce the heat transfer through windows, and offer daytime privacy without blocking the view. Sunscreens also offer privacy because it allows you to see out from the interior of your home, but blocks views into your interior. This means that intruders are not able to see into your home.
By not blocking your windows with sunscreens you are allowing heat to enter your home and potentially destroying your home’s furnishings and flooring. This is brought on by harmful UV rays that can enter your home through windows. Sunscreens can add this protection to the interior of your house.
At Steel Shield Security, we offer a great selection of colors to help complement your home’s paint color. Find out more about sunscreens and their benefits by calling us today.