When thinking about adding security features to your home, adding a security door or gates is usually the last security feature people think of.

Security doors create a barrier from three things: people, bugs, and weather. There are the more important things that you want to keep out of your home when they are not invited. Here are just some of the many reasons why investing in security features for your home or business is important.

Secure your Property

The door is the main entry for intruders to enter as it can be easy for them to break into. Not having the proper equipment in place can issue a welcome sign for those who want to take your valuables. Unfortunately, doors are usually the first point of entry for intruders because of the ease to enter most doors. This is possible because of weak door frames, removable hinges, and mesh, or glass that can be easily broken. When choosing a security door, you want to make sure that you are purchasing high-end security mesh, steel door frame, and non-removable hinges.

Gates are also a promising form of security especially when you are protecting cars or RVs, children from pools, or from people entering your driveway. If your property is not secured from the outside, it makes your house an easier target for intruders. Having this increased level of security before anyone can enter your home, will reduce your chances of your home being broken into.

Keep Bugs Out

Now that we are moving into the hottest months of the year, especially during monsoon season, bugs are more common than ever. They tend to find their way into our homes unexpectedly through cracks in the door or holes in the screens. There is a way to prevent this. By adding a mesh screen that is strong enough that intruders can’t break into it, it can also keep bugs from crawling in. You now have the option of keeping just your screen door closed to let in fresh air without having to worry about bugs entering.

Added Style

Adding a security door not only prevents intruders from entering but can also give your house some style with custom door designs. With plenty of options to choose from on the design, you can complement your home’s style and your surrounding area. Security doors don’t have to have a boring design. Bring character and color to your house as well as added curb appeal as the first thing people see when they enter your home.

Time to Replace

If you find that your door or gate is missing pieces or not shutting correctly, then this is a clear indication that it is time to replace it. If a potential intruder notices this, you may be bringing more attention to your home creating an easy target to enter.

By replacing your current door with a security door, you will now be able to enjoy the weather when it is cooler without allowing bugs to enter. Also, by allowing to keep your door open to allow fresh air, you won’t have to have your air conditioner on which will decrease your energy bills.

Maintain Privacy With Security Features

One of the best features you can receive from installing security features is that adding window and door screens can allow for outside visitors the inability to not see through. This means that you can feel safe that no one is looking into your home and surveying to see if you have any valuables worth taking. Although visitors cannot see in, you are still able to see out while still protecting your furniture and flooring from harmful UV rays.

When it comes to the safety and security of your family and property the first line of defense is by installing and investing in the proper security features. Security alarms only work if someone unwanted enters your home. Let’s stop them before they can enter your home. By installing security features like steel doors, window screens, and gates, you can keep your family and your belongings safe.

If you are thinking about installing security features to your home, call Steel Shield Security today. Let us install your first line of defense.