Steel Shield Security Doors & More's Window Guards are made of the toughest steel you can buy on the market.

Our window guards will keep your home safe and secure while maintaining a professional curb appeal. We offer a wide variety of styles to match your home’s exterior décor including custom, framed, rail road and bedroom installs. This is to ensure the greatest levels of protection from intruders attempting to enter your home through the window. Whether you choose one of our existing designs, or have us create a custom window guard for your home, our window bars will make your home 100% safer while maintaining an attractive appearance.

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Protection, Strength, Security

I’m in love with my door and thank you so much. The first thing that comes to mind regarding my door is not only how excited I was to order and have it installed but a strange thought I had one day, after admiring my door one morning when I had it open. I don’t think there is anything in this world that provides such protection, strength and security yet is so ultimately beautiful and an art piece in itself as these doors. It’s almost indescribable how safe and secure I feel after having my Steel Shield Security door installed. Yet my house now makes a such a rich statement almost by itself with this door.

Barbara F.