Crimsafe® is a trademarked security system, consisting of mesh and frame systems that effectively provide security for your windows, doors, and any other area you wish to keep safe from intruders.

The technology is designed to offer homeowners and businesses with a non-obstructive, virtually invisible solution to security and privacy. Crimsafe® also has the added benefit of keeping out pests and vermin, which is an added bonus for Arizona homeowners.

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Burglar Resistance

Burglars like to get in and out of a property in less than a few minutes. That means from the point of breaching the property, a burglar aims to spend less than two minutes in the property before making his escape.

The Screw-Clamped Mesh system from Crimsafe® cannot be kicked in. The amount of effort that a burglar would need to put in to breach the system simply would not be worth the hassle. In fact, the tools they would need in order to break through your Crimsafe® defenses, would likely have a higher resale value than anything they would find in your home.

Resistance by Design

The reason that Crimsafe® is so effective is that the technology is based on the known behaviors of burglars. Most burglaries occur when the homeowner is at work or at a routine appointment. As such, burglars are confident that brute force attempts to enter a property will go unnoticed.

However, when Crimsafe® mesh and frames are in place, brute force entry just isn’t possible. The entire system is designed to resist any attempt to compromise the integrity of the mesh, so burglars are left feeling nothing but frustration.

Customized Production Methods

Crimsafe® relies on a weave that is .9mm grade security steel. However, the thickness of the weave represents only one of the ways in which Crimsafe® prevents entry. It took extensive research, coupled with the introduction of customized machinery, in order to create a weave that acted as the most efficient burglary deterrent on the market.

Each and every possible stress point was tested, in order to ensure that Crimsafe® did not have any exploitable weaknesses. Ten out of ten burglars agree, they would rather find a nine-to-five job than mess with Crimsafe®.

Pest Deterrent

The creators of Crimsafe® are not satisfied with protecting homeowners from burglars, however. They have also considered the serious problem that pests and bugs present for Arizonians.

Crimsafe® mesh acts and an extremely effective barrier to pests, which means you can relax in your own home without worrying about an invasion of mosquitoes.

Due to the extremely impenetrable nature of Crimsafe® mesh, unwelcome critters are of no concern, either. If an experienced burglar with bolt cutters is no match for your Crimsafe® screens, a curious raccoon has no chance of gaining entry to your home.

Weather Resistance and Durability

The folks at Crimsafe® have left no stone unturned, when it comes to making a product that is truly deserving of inclusion in the Steel Shield Security of offerings.

As if it wasn’t enough that this innovative technology secures home against human, animal, and insect intruders, they have also provided protection against the natural elements. In the case of Arizona homeowners, that means the some much welcome relief from the sun.

The steel used in the Crimsafe® mesh and frames is treated to resist erosion from natural weather. So, whether you live in an area by the sea where salt erosion is a concern, or your home is constantly bombarded by the rays of the Arizona sun, Crimsafe® screens can withstand the test of time.

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A Trusted Partnership

As the majority of our customers know, at Steel Shield Security we are extremely proud of our heritage and reputation. We have built a business that is rooted in delivering only the most exceptional products and services to our Arizona customers.

We are always seeking new opportunities to improve the range of products and services that we have to offer. As such, we are proud to work in conjunction with Crimsafe® to deliver a product that exemplifies only the most innovative and effective security available on the market.

Crimsafe® shares our ethos of offering customers an affordable and reliable means of securing their homes. We look forward to continuing to serve the great people of Arizona, in partnership with Crimsafe®, so that your home always remains safe and secure from intruders – human or otherwise.

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To find out if Crimsafe® is the right option for you, simply fill out our online inquiry form, give us a call, or stop by our store for a no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly team members.

We can secure your home in no time at all, without placing an unnecessary burden on you or your family. Our team will work quickly and effectively, always ensuring that any work we carry out is consistent with your schedule. Contact Steel Shield Security Doors and More to find out how Crimsafe® can go to work towards making your home a more secure and safe space for your family.

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