When in the market to buy a new, more secure door for your home, you may come across many security door options to choose from. Without a full understanding of the benefits of each kind, you may not know how to choose one over the other. That is where Steel Shield Security comes in. We offer solutions to find the perfect security option for your family.

The most common door types are: Entry Enclosures, Security Doors, and Security Gates.

Entry Enclosures

To close off a specific area, such as a patio or courtyard, enclosures are fitted gates that not only enhance security but help keep the style of the surrounding area. These enclosures can help keep intruders out and protect children and pets from wondering off. Being able to keep your pets and children safe is important, but adding a beautiful entrance to your home is an added benefit.

Choose from many designs that include arched doorways to fitting the frame of the door. With many options to choose from, you won’t have to worry about the enclosures not matching your home’s style and décor because there is always a door that will fit your unique style.

Security Doors

If you want to keep intruders out, a security door is the way to go. Designed with protecting your family from intruders, our security doors are practically impenetrable. Each series offered at Steel Shield Security complements the style of your home and is also made with the strongest steel on the market. You can even create your own design without losing the quality and workmanship put into each security door.

Because each door is custom measured and built to perfectly fit your door opening, you won’t have to worry about your security door not fitting as they are all “flush mounted” to a natural fit.

Security Gates

If you have valuable items in and around your home, one way to protect them all is by having a gate. Gates can be installed to protect others around the pool, keep cars out of your driveway, restrict people from getting to your RVs or even to enter the backyard.

At Steel Shield Security, we can custom create your gate to not only match your home’s architectural design, but to also make sure that it fits the height and width requirements needed for a secure fit.
Ready to install your first line of defense? The experts at Steel Shield Security are here to help make your decision easier on which security option to choose. Call us today, (623) 581-3667, or contact us for more information.