Arizona’s summer heat can cause your gates to warp which calls for maintenance, repairs, or even replacement. Make sure you know the signs of when it is time to replace.

You have gates at your home or business for a reason, whether that be to protect your home, RV, children from the pool, or products that you have stored away. With each of these gates, it is important to inspect them to make sure that they are working properly. If you find that parts are broken or worn, it may be time to replace them. Here are some other tips to determine whether it is time to replace your gate.

Look for signs in the door of the gate. Can it be opened with ease? Or does it need to extra effort applied in order to open? With the door not working properly or not being able to latch onto the lock, look into replacing just the door or the latch of the gate. The problem could be old, worn or rusted hinges and latch. Hardware tends to rust with rain and time. Replacing the hardware is easy and cost effective so take time to inspect the gates around your home.

Next, check the wood surrounded by the hardware. If the wood is split by the hardware, remove the wood that the hardware is sitting on and replace with a new piece. Another thing to look at with the wood is it being warn which causes weakness and potentially splitting. Check this by seeing if you can move the gate on your own. You should not be able to move it, but if you are able to then check the base for stability and replace.

When inspecting your gates, if you find the gates are too far gone from repair, call Steel Shield Security Doors and More to talk more about replacing your old gate with a new one that helps with security and privacy for your home or business.