There is more to an entry gate than meets the eye. It is a combination of aesthetic and function, curb appeal and protection. When seeing a gate in front of a home, the initial thought someone might have is “what a beautiful entryway, but is that gate necessary?”
For any property, an entrance gate is the first line of defense against intruders. When looking for a gate make sure to complete your due diligence. Frequently people struggle to find a proper gate to protect their home and property, leading to an insecure property.

Finding a Great Entrance Gate

The entrance gate on your home will be seen by many but used by you and your loved ones daily. A great entry gate has several important features to consider:

  • Security: This is the most important function of having an entrance gate, to help keep intruders out of your home. For a gate to be reliable it should be strong and impossible to evade by someone trying to break in. It should withstand its strength through repeated use.
  • Durability: An entry gate can be an investment when considering the quality. Not only should it provide invincible security, but it also should be tough enough to provide its same level of daily performance well into the future. This includes continuing to not wear down regardless of the outdoor environment it will endure over time.
  • Usability: The ease of use of an entry gate is important for security purposes and punctuality of being able to leave your home in a timely manner. The entrance gate should exhibit simplicity and enable straightforward access to control. There are several different features you can choose to help with adding ease to the usability of your gate.
  • Reliability: All gates require periodic maintenance to continue working optimally. A reliable entrance gate will be designed to keep those who are not welcomed out. Powder coatings on steel gates help protect the structure from corrosion and wearing down from the outside environment.
  • Appearance: The initial thought of an entry enclosure gate might be that your home would look too fenced in, but there are many options to choose from. From custom to classic and simple designs, there are gates to complement any home and any sense of style.

One of the final, yet most important considerations when shopping for an entry enclosure is the price. The quality of the product is dependent on how much you’re willing to invest. If you invest more in the short-run for a reliable, safe, and durable entry gate that can withstand any weather condition will prove its worth.

Choose Steel Shield Security for Your Entry Enclosures

If you have been debating adding a gate to your courtyard, entryway, or driveway make sure it’s made from the strongest material on the market. Materials of lesser-quality can appear nice from a distance, but nothing beats the look, feel and security of a genuine steel entry enclosure. Constructed using the highest quality steel on the market, Steel Shield Security entry enclosures provide maximum protection and security.

Protect you and your family with the secure safety of a steel entry enclosure. Our extensive selection of steel entry enclosures that will not only help keep intruders out but will also add desired curb appeal to your home.

All sales team members have worked as Steel Shield Security installers, meaning they know how to take accurate measurements when quoting your project. Our team is also here to help you pick the perfect enclosure or entry gate for your home and style.

We have one of the best selections for entry enclosures and gates in the greater Phoenix area. With over 50 designs and styles and a wide selection of colors and textures, Steel Shield Security can make sure to match your home’s décor for a cohesive aesthetic.

If you can’t find the design of your dreams to suit your needs, we will help you create a custom design unique to your home.

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