Home Burglary — How It Can Happen to You The most common entry point for a home invader is through the front door. Statistics show 65 percent of home invasions occur through either the front, rear, or garage door. Contrary to what most would think, one-third come right in through the front door. You could… Read More

If you value fresh air when the weather gets cooler but still want to keep your home secure, Steel Shield Security Doors has the solution. We can design doors that suit the style of your home without compromising security and letting you enjoy cool weather. Security screen doors are the perfect addition to any home… Read More

What’s above your welcome mat? Is it a foam-filled, fiberglass door, classic wood, or a real steel door? Many say about their classic wood doors, “Mine just looks so natural and traditional. I like wood.” Fiberglass foam-filled door owners swear their fiberglass door looks like classic wood but offers more insulating value due to its… Read More

When in the market to buy a new, more secure door for your home, you may come across many security door options to choose from. Without a full understanding of the benefits of each kind, you may not know how to choose one over the other. That is where Steel Shield Security comes in. We… Read More

There comes a time with every house that homeowners think about why they should invest in a security door and here are the top five reasons: Burglary No one wants to get their house broken into, and unfortunately for a lot of people, they don’t take the precautions until after their house was robbed. Some… Read More

Steel or iron finished products either have a paint or powder coating on them. But how do you know which one is best for your security door. At Steel Shield Security, we only use powder coating, because of the durability and high-quality finish that it produces.   Powder coating started to become popular once it… Read More