What’s above your welcome mat? Is it a foam-filled, fiberglass door, classic wood, or a real steel door? Many say about their classic wood doors, “Mine just looks so natural and traditional. I like wood.” Fiberglass foam-filled door owners swear their fiberglass door looks like classic wood but offers more insulating value due to its foam filling. Plus, fiberglass is less expensive than wood, and you don’t need to kill a tree.

The truth is, no matter how good fiberglass or wood looks or how much insulating value they have, steel doors are nearly impregnable, and isn’t the value you and your family need most? Do you really want a foam-filled door between you and a home invader? Does the idea of criminals kicking down a wood door leave you a little less confident about how good it looks?

The Arguments Against Steel

Makers of wood and fiberglass doors argue their product looks better than steel doors. They say steel doors can get dented. Oh my! Well, it is true, your real steel door could get dented, if you back into it with your truck or car. Theirs, on the other hand, would likely not even be left on its hinges.

Another argument is there is no insulation value for steel doors like there is with a fiberglass foam-filled door. Here’s the answer for that: Steel has natural insulation, because its solid. Although the outside of your door may be hot to the touch with the sun beating down on it, at the same time, the inside of the door will be cool to the touch. Which would you rather have, an R-value of one with a fiberglass door designed to keep out the heat – or a solid steel door designed to keep out home raiders? Steel seems like an easy choice.

Their next best argument is that steel will rust. Once again, that too is true. Steel does rust if you don’t put sealer and paint on it. Steel doors now have cherry, mahogany, oak or walnut veneer, so with that strong steel durability, you can add trust to the argument. Our real steel doors can be painted any color you please, to match other enclosures, windows, and doors. The most significant difference is the strength of the frame.

The Real Strength Is in the Frame

That’s right, a 22-gauge steel door inside a steel frame, with multi-point locks. Our multi-point locks are like having three deadbolts that lock simultaneously. These electronic digital door locks come in three classic looks, bronze, brushed nickel or polished brass. Now, you can have the classic look of a mahogany door with polished brass hardware and smart technology built by Yale® all in one incredibly great-looking door. And, since these doors are customized, you can add beveled or frosted glass.

When you install this triple-play, even the Incredible Hulk® will get frustrated trying to kick down your front door. These real steel doors in steel frames cannot be pried open, forced open, nor kicked down.

Did you know nearly two-thirds of all burglars come in through one of your exterior doors? They may come through a wood or fiberglass door, but not through our real steel alternative. The thing about most housebreakers is they want an easy in and out. When they meet the resistance of a steel door, they will move on to the next easy target.

Our steel doors provide a strong physical barrier against thieves, which keeps your home, your valuables and your family safe and secure.

Increased Security Means You Sleep Better

Don’t count on the false security of a wood or fiberglass foam-filled door. Gate-crashers looking to take what you worked hard for can easily defeat a wood or fiberglass door, even one with a deadbolt. Steel doors allow you and your family to sleep soundly, knowing there is a physical barrier between you and those would-be robbers.

Other companies might give you a solid steel door and leave you with the same wooden frame that will allow the door to be pried open or kicked down. You need the three-punch combination of a 22-gauge steel door set in a steel frame with multi-point locks. You will get a sense of security knowing your home is secure and your family is safe behind a steel door.

Aesthetically Pleasing Exteriors

With one of our steel doors, what’s above your welcome mat is an aesthetically pleasing classic wood-look veneer over solid steel. It is secure and attractive, all in one package – unlike traditional wood or new-look fiberglass that looks good but won’t stand up to a determined intruder.
Install steel exterior doors with smart technology to keep what’s inside your home, primarily your family, safe. Ultimately, steel is the best value if you had to put a price on your family’s safety.

Contact the Professional Steel Door Installers

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