When the weather is cool here in Arizona, many families enjoy the outside and can sit on their patios while they enjoy a book or their children playing. One thing that many patio areas have is a gate, possibly a wood gate,  to protect unwanted people from coming to the door or to keep children and pets in a specific area so they don’t run off.


One of the unfortunate factors of having a wood courtyard gate is that the hot and dry climate that we live in can greatly hurt the wood. Because a few months out of the year, Arizona weather is upwards towards 100 degrees, wood will start to dry out causing it to splinter, crack, and warp due to our weather. Since this happens to wood, it will cause you to have an un-usable gate.


If your wood gate warps, it can cause the gate to not close properly and shift. You can spend the money replacing each piece as they warp or crack, but unfortunately, there is no stopping it even if you replace the pieces. With security gates, you can add style and flare to your home while also not having to worry about replacing pieces due to Arizona weather.


These gates can be installed at your courtyard, for access to your backyard, pool, or as a barrier from your driveway. Not only are steel gates more reliable and sturdy, but you can count on them to withstand storms and time. With every Steel Shield Security gate, they come standard with a powder coating that helps keep the maintenance down by protecting your gates.


Ready to remove your wood gate and install a secure steel gate? At Steel Shield Security, we can help you pick out the right gate and style for your home while ensuring you