As the winter months pass away and milder weather arrives, burglary attempts jump about 10% across the United States. People leave their homes more often during warmer weather spells and stay out longer during the evening, which is when many burglaries occur. Coincidentally, this is also when many businesses are closed.


Many business owners take great pains to secure their homes against intruders and burglaries but give little thought to their businesses. While burglaries do occur less at businesses than residential locations, they still occur far too frequently. A simple, attractive way of securing windows and doors could protect your business from loss.


Why Secure Your Business?

When a commercial business is targeted for a burglary, the losses can be significantly greater. In your own business, consider the value of all the assets you require to operate. Office computers, software, mobile devices, other electronics, and other valuable items. And, depending on your particular industry, your stock of goods for conducting business (whether you are a retail store or a manufacturer) can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.


You would never leave hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash lying around in an unsecured building. And yet, without adequately securing your commercial building, you are leaving that much and more at risk. And consider this: what would the loss of such items cost your business to replace immediately? Add to that the cost of disrupting your company’s operations until the necessary equipment and stock could be replaced?


Most commercial businesses are closed and empty through the late hours of the night. Professional burglars often see businesses as being less risky to break into than a home, since there is a lower chance that a thief will be surprised by anybody inside a business in the middle of the night. After disabling your security system, they could have several hours to clean you out.


How Can I Keep Burglars Out?

Alarm systems only alert a chosen audience that a break-in is occurring, you the owner and/or law enforcement; and maybe neighbors if you have an audible alarm. But that doesn’t stop the burglar from taking valuables and/or destroying valuable property. Every commercial business should be protected with a complete set of physical security mechanisms to prevent break-ins.


A common objection to this is that companies do not want their locations to resemble a prison, with bars over the windows and doors. Such an appearance makes the neighborhood look bad, and discourages potential customers. However, with stylish and strong security doors and window guards from Steel Shield Security Doors & More, your business location will still look great, while being secure from break-ins. Our security doors and window guards are custom-made to protect your windows and doors from forced entry while giving your building an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


Crimsafe® Security Screens

Another security measure for both windows and doors are Crimsafe® security screens. Crimsafe steel mesh screens and aluminum frames are manufactured in the United States to exacting specifications, and each set is custom-fitted to your building’s needs. After a free in-house consultation, we take precise measurements of the windows and entry doors that require protection. Then your Crimsafe screens are made-to-order and installed by our professional technicians. All our security screens feature:


  • Stainless Steel Wire Mesh – Crimsafe uses stainless steel woven mesh as our screen material. These screens are designed to withstand the impact of a category 4 hurricane. Additionally, our stainless steel screens will not rust or corrode, ensuring strength and rigidity for a lifetime.


  • Aluminum Frames – The frames of Crimsafe security screens are made of aluminum. The Crimsafe mesh is placed between two serrated pieces of aluminum that clamp the mesh airtight. All three pieces are screwed together with stainless steel, tamper-resistant screws.


All components of Crimsafe are separated by a Santoprene bead that helps eliminate electrolysis, which leads to corrosion. In the end, you have a barrier that cannot be kicked in and is burglar-proof. You have the Screw-Clamped™ Mesh that Beats More Burglars.


Steel Shield Security Doors & More – Commercial Applications

If you are ready to secure your business location against forced entry and burglary, contact Steel Shield Security Doors & More today for a free in-house consultation. We have convenient locations around the Phoenix area. Call the location nearest you, or complete our online contact form to arrange your consultation. We can help you determine the best physical security solution for your commercial building.