There are many ways to make your front door more secure

In this article, we will review four top-notch proven methods to secure your front door to ensure you and your family are safe inside your home and yard.

First, we will discuss installing or upgrading your entryway or porch. Second, we’ll show you why it’s imperative to match a solid door with a well-built frame. Third, we’ll implore you to get rid of your keyed entry. Finally, do not always lock your doors, even when you are home.

We will use many statistics in this article. Why are these statistics essential in a discussion about making our front doors more secure? Given that 34 percent of burglars use the front door and 22% use the side or garage door, making exterior doors more secure is vital to your family’s safety.

#1 – Secure Your Entryway or Porch

Many home intrusions take place because robbers disguised as delivery providers or mailpersons entered your porch or entryway. Once inside these enclosures, out of the observation of helpful neighbors and patrolling law enforcement, they were able to take their time with opening the front door.

According to AARP and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 90 percent of homeowners age 65 or older want to stay in their homes. The viral trend, aging in place, was born from that desire for our elderly to remain in place. Another vital statistic to note is that one in every three households contains someone over 60 years of age.

As we get older, we are more prone to vandals and home invasions than when we were younger. Whether it is accurate or not, many perceive us as vulnerable. Unscrupulous trespassers often lay in wait for elderly homeowners, when the unsuspecting homeowner opens their entryway door or even their front door, the unobserved prowler assaults and robs the owner.

One possible alternative is to take the walls off your porch or veranda. If you already have screens, which most in Arizona do, remove those also. Secure your enclosed entry instead with Crimsafe and heavy-duty screen door. This .9 mm 304 grade steel mesh with tamper-resistant (TR) screws will let you enjoy the comfort of your veranda, porch, or patio, and even your backyard entertain areas safely.

So, you will not only be safe from insects but thieves as well. Also, it’s a lot less expensive than you think. Check our product gallery for Crimsafe, and give us a call, (623) 581-3667 for a free estimate.

#2 – Matched Steel Frames with Steel Doors

If you have a hollow core door as an exterior entrance, get rid of it. A hollow core door is comparable to using a board to support the second floor of your home instead of a steel girder. Whereas it is correct that you could use a wooden beam or a solid core wood door, steel is much sturdier.

Some people prefer the look of a wood door, while others say a steel door is not insulated. We can make your steel door with wood grains that you would be hard-pressed to look at one and tell the difference between that and mahogany, cherry, or oak. Plus, the distinction between the R-value or insulating benefit of a fiberglass and foam door when matching up against steel is negligible, particularly in Arizona.

Even when you choose a solid core wood door, select one of our steel security screen doors so that you can get the benefit of the breeze blowing through without worrying about your security.

Do not use those small panes of glass beside the doors or a large glass in the door by the lock. These look nice, but it is far better to use a wide-angle peephole. If you already have glass in the door, consider covering it with Crimsafe mesh.

However, your best choice for security is a steel door within a steel frame. Many solid doors can still get kicked down because of the flimsy frame, weak lock, and no kickplate. The locking bolts of a steel door going into a steel frame are much like a bank vault, nearly impenetrable.

#3 – Get Rid of the Key!

If you’re still using a key and hiding one under the mat or flowerpot in the front yard, consider that many housebreakers watch their target home for days even weeks before executing their plan. Surely, during that time, they will have seen you or another family member remove the key from its hiding place. Even a steel door with deadbolt and kickplate will open easily with a key.

Consider changing to keyless entry. You can store the code on your phone and gain entry to your home without rummaging for keys or “hiding” a key because every one of your neighbors knows where it is, and so does the attentive crook.

#4 – Always, Always, Always Lock Your Door

Many are too casual about leaving their doors unlocked during the day or in the evening when everyone’s there having dinner. When you and the family get busy around the house and leave the door unlocked, it only takes a second to gain entry. Today’s world is not the world of our grandparents or even our parents when we never lock our doors.

Steel Shield Security Doors for Your Family’s Safety

To avoid being a victim to home invasion, tighten up the security throughout your home. However, remember that 34% of home invaders come through the front door. Call Steel Shield Security Doors, (623) 581-3667 for a security appraisal or home estimate. Our address is 1725 West Williams Drive, Building E, Suite 54, so drop by our Phoenix store to browse.