As the number of home invasions goes up in our communities, we must look at every aspect of our home security. Phoenix has an average property, or home, crime rating of 52.1, on a scale of 1 to 100, which is 14 points higher than the national average of 38.1. These statistics include burglary, arson, auto break-in or theft, home intrusion or theft. These statistics do not involve violence against the people living there, as those get combined with violent crime numbers.
It is important to ensure exterior doors are heavy-duty with re-enforced material, garage side entrances are secure, window sensors and locks are installed on all windows, entertainment areas are securely protected with Crimsafe® and, last but not least, a reliable home security surveillance and monitoring system is installed.

Exterior Doors

Effective home security starts at the front door. Although you want a welcoming look to your front door, you don’t want one that invites intruders. We have all seen those hollow-core vinyl-clad doors that wouldn’t stand up to a strong wind, let alone a home intruder.

All exterior doors, not just the front door, must be secure. When you think about it, the back or side entrances should be stronger than the front. It is likely they are out of the visible path of neighbors who could call the police if they see someone breaking-in.

Garage Doors

What about that side garage door, the one no one ever uses except to drag out the barbecue grill on the Fourth of July and Labor Day? Does it have a large glass window and is it not visible to any of the neighbors? These doors can be a convenient entry point for burglars. The ideal would be to get a solid door with no window installed there, but having sensors mounted on the door and glass and installing window guards over the glass might be a less expensive alternative.
The most secure exterior doors are real steel doors. Whether at the front door, back or garage door, a home intruder will soon tire of trying unsuccessfully to get through one of our 12-gauge steel, electro-galvanized doors.

Contact us today to get a quote on one of our self-locking doors. We offer many customizable features such as Mul-T-Lock® integration, to bump-, pick- and kick-proof your doors, kick plates, multi-point locking, and automation integration, to link to your home security system seamlessly.

Sliding Glass Doors

Whoever invented these were thinking more of the inhabitants looking out instead of home security. Sliding glass door without glass tints or film shows the world your home’s valuables. What’s more, any lock system can be easily defeated by simply breaking the glass.
You can use a few simple, cost-effective methods to make these doors more secure:

  • Door alarms
  • Door guards
  • Window bars
  • Wooden dowels
  • Panel shades
  • Protective films

Although using these or specialized locks will slow down home invaders, devious criminals will tape the glass with an X pattern and break the glass without making enough noise to alert the at-home residents or neighbors. Window alarms will warn those who are home and the neighbors, but you’ll still need to pay to replace the glass, even when you scare the robbers away. Consider installing sensors and window guards, or Crimsafe screens, which you can still see through but provide an excellent obstacle against crooks.

Windows & Window Guards

Around your home, some windows are probably blocked from view by landscaping or other obstructions. Basement windows are particularly vulnerable because of their low proximity to the ground. They often get covered by hedges, bushes, and various landscape designs. Make sure your windows have locks installed and those locks get used.

Two simple and cost-effective measures to ensure protection against housebreakers are window sensors and window guards. Window sensors can link to your home security system to notify you and those who monitor your home security system to call law enforcement. Do you know how long will it take for law enforcement to arrive? Will you have to respond with physical violence to protect your family?

You can forego all of that by installing steel window guards that match and beautify the exterior of your home. Plus, home raiders will move on to an easier target.

Entertainment Areas & Crimsafe

Porches, decks, patios and other entertainment areas hold many of your costly outdoor furniture and entertainment equipment such as grills and smokers. Now, you can install Crimsafe. These are structurally secure grade mesh and screw-clamp systems that are super strong and keep out prowlers, porch poachers, critters, and bugs. Consider Crimsafe for your entertainment areas.

Home & Residential Security

Even if you have all these security checks installed, they are not effective if you don’t use them. Some believe if they have window guards, they don’t need sensors attached to a home security system. Know your home’s security is only as effective as it is redundant.

Much like dressing in layers in the winter to prevent frostbite, multiple layers of security ensure if one system fails the others are there to keep your family safe. Likewise, these multi-layered systems must also receive the correct maintenance, call your residential professional for a checkup.

Steel Shield Security Doors Are Your Home’s Best Bet

Call Steel Shield Security Doors, (623) 581-3667, to get a residential security checkup. We can provide a free quote to give your home security an upgrade with more secure exterior doors and windows with reinforced guards, and Crimsafe® for entertainment areas. Or, drop by 1725 West Williams Drive, Building E, Suite 54, in Phoenix.