The states of the American Southwest are famous for mild winters and pleasant summer breezes. This is why many homes have luxurious backyard patios. Nothing beats relaxing comfortably on your outdoor patio and enjoying the benefits of our mild climate.


And yet, 22% of home break-ins occur through a backyard patio entrance. Left unsecured, this space is vulnerable to forced entries, and it is usually hidden from view from both the street and neighbors. Securing this space from intruders should be a priority, and doing so is easy with entry enclosures or Crimsafe® stainless steel security mesh from Steel Shield Security Doors & More.


Protect Your Home/Patio

Left open, this attractive space can be one of the most vulnerable to burglars and other unwanted intruders. Often, the doors that open onto a decorative backyard patio are less secure than other main entrances. With Crimsafe high-quality security screens, you can protect your patio while still enjoying its ambiance and the comfort of fresh air.


Steel Shield Security Doors & More provides guaranteed entry-proof patio/porch screens that are constructed with weather-resistant stainless-steel mesh supported by extruded-aluminum frames. These attractive, protective coverings can withstand a Category 4 hurricane. Your home’s attractiveness and value will be enhanced with our secure, attractive protective screens.


Keep All Kinds of Intruders Out

Crimsafe steel mesh security screens around your patio come with a host of other benefits in addition to break-in protection. The Southwest is known for all kinds of critters that can fly, crawl, and slither into your home. With our security screens installed, you can relax on the patio with family or guests, or leave the windows open to catch evening breezes, without allowing the entry of unwanted pests.


Another intruder we often neglect is the sun. Crimsafe high-quality security screens from Steel Shield Security Doors & More block 66% of incoming solar radiation, diminishing the intensity of UV rays. They also reduce 66% of the heat that comes glaring in through unblocked windows, keeping your home cooler and saving you money on energy bills. Lounge comfortably on your backyard patio in cool comfort even on hot summer days, fully protected from the sun’s harmful rays.


Security with a View

From the outside, Crimsafe security screens provide a valuable dark shaded appearance that prevents burglars from seeing into your home. From the inside, you can see outside into your yard and landscape clearly and without restraint. Crimsafe protective screens allow for 100% security with an unobstructed view.


Guaranteed Security

Other popular security measures only provide a measure of deterrence or warning of unwanted intrusions. They do not stop intrusions. Experienced burglars are not deterred by a security alarm or cameras. They know where most people store or hide valuables in the home. Their forced entry measures are practiced and sure. By the time neighbors or law enforcement has responded to an audible alarm, thieves have gained entry, collected your valuables, and escaped. Less than 4% are ever brought to justice for their crimes, and the chance of recovering your valuables is even less.


Even well-lit or motion-sensor-lighted spaces cannot deter every burglar. Well-trimmed shrubbery simply compels thieves to seek another entrance around back, very often your backyard patio; especially if it has French doors. Very often, a burglar will have been watching your home over time, to ascertain the schedules of your family, in order to select the best time to break in.


At Steel Shield Security Doors & More, we are confident in Crimsafe protective security screens for your patio, windows, and doors. Crimsafe is designed to stop forced entries. Intruders simply cannot get through our protective screens to gain entry to your home. In fact, even the sight of our screens in place is a strong deterrent to burglars.


Secure Your Home and Patio with Steel Shield Security Doors & More

All our products are made in the USA, and we offer a $25 veterans discount on every security door and window. We are veteran-owned and proudly support our country’s veterans.


For long-term, guaranteed protection against patio break-ins, nothing beats Crimsafe security screens from Steel Shield Security Doors & More. We have several locations for your convenience. Call the office nearest you or fill out our online contact form for more information or to request a quote.