The pool is one of the best ways to keep cool and relax during hot Arizona days. However, when the pool is unattended, it becomes a potential danger to small children and family pets.

Obviously you can’t keep an eye on your pool every minute of the day, so you need a solution that will keep your family safe and set your mind at ease. Steal Shield Security Doors and More has a number of solutions for Arizona pool owners, which will perfectly suit the design and individual style of your home.

The Importance of Pool Safety

The importance of pool safety cannot be understated; given the number of tragic accidents we hear about on the news. Unfortunately, most home pool related accidents involve young children. The good news is, most of these accidents are easily avoidable.
There are, according to the CDC, three main factors which contribute to pool related accidents. A lack of swimming ability, the absence of suitable barriers, and failure to properly supervise the pool area account for the vast majority of accidents.

Because it is not feasible to have a 24 hour guard at the pool, homeowners need another option to help prevent accidents. Secure gates, barriers, and fencing will prevent access to the pool, removing the potential for accidents to happen out of sight.

A One Stop Solution

Each homeowner has different needs when it comes to pool safety and security. Steel Shield Security provides our customers with tailored solutions, all in one place, so you can keep your pool area secure and accident free.

If access to your pool is currently unsecure, we can offer you a range of pool gates, pool fencing, and wrought iron fencing options. We control every aspect of production, from manufacturing to installation, guaranteeing that you receive the highest quality product.

For customers with existing pool gates and fencing, we also offer an excellent repair service to keep your poolside area safe and secure.

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Pool Gates

Our pool gates come in a variety of colors and styles. If you have existing fencing and simply wish to add an extra layer of safety, we have a gate for you. Each gate is manufactured to the highest standard, providing you with long lasting protection and peace of mind.

For Arizona homeowners who wish to maintain a consistent style, Steel Shield Security can provide fully customized pool gates to match your existing exterior designs. Regardless of which gate you choose, enhanced security is always included by design.

We can create beautiful, durable, and secure pool gates from both wood and steel, giving you the freedom to choose the material which best suits your personal tastes.

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Pool Fencing

Pool fencing creates a natural looking border for your poolside area, while also providing a safety barrier for children and pets. You will feel much more relaxed knowing that access to the pool is secure.

As with all our products, Steel Shield Security endeavors to provide our customers with solutions that don’t require compromise. We have styles and colors to suit every architectural style, so that your new pool fencing will blend right in.

We take everything into account, during the manufacturing of our pool fencing, including the dimensions and shape of your pool. If you can imagine it, we can make your perfect poolside fencing a reality.

Gate and Fencing Repair

If your pool gate or fencing is damaged, the safety of your family and pets is compromised. Steel Shield Security offers our customers affordable repair options, which will ensure your gates and fencing offer you the safety and security you deserve.

All repairs are carried out by our very own experts, so we can guarantee the quality of workmanship. Repairs are quick and clean, ensuring minimum disruption to your day to day life. We only use the highest quality materials, and will make sure that the finished result blends in seamlessly with your existing gate or fencing.

From your very first contact with a member of the Steel Shield Security team, we will make sure that we provide you with the best option for your needs. So, whether that means repair or replacement, you can rest easy knowing that your poolside security and safety is in the best hands possible.

Getting a Quote

For your convenience, we provide a number of ways to receive a quote and get the ball rolling. You can fill in our online contact form, which allows you to include all your requirements. Alternatively, we are more than happy to provide you with a quote over the phone.

If you prefer a more personal shopping experience, we would love to visit with you in our Phoenix, Arizona store. All the members of our team are exceptionally friendly and helpful, so you are assured of a great experience when you do business with Steel Shield Security Doors and More.

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