Taking on a project by yourself that you’ve never attempted before can seem daunting, but it can also seem like a good way to save money. Nevertheless, not all projects should be approached on all your own. When it comes to installing new window screens or even buying them, it is important to consult with a professional window screen installer before. You’ve invested in new window screens and it would be a shame for them to get ruined by not knowing how to install them properly.


Professionals have the experience and knowledge needed to properly install window screens. Since each window frame is a different size, it is important to know the right dimensions and know that you can get them custom fitted if needed. By using professionals, you can ensure that your screen fits the window without letting air, bugs, or any dust or water enter.


If the mesh on the screen breaks or tears, it can seem easy to just replace that part. By installing new mesh yourself, you can ultimately bend and distort the frame so that it won’t fit on the window comfortably. When you hire a professional company, they will not reuse the old frame and instead replace with a sturdy new one. This ensures that the mesh properly fits and that the frame doesn’t become distorted.


Take the time and invest in getting your window screens properly installed by the experts at Steel Shield Security. We can custom create window screens that perfectly fit and match your home’s design. Call us today, (623) 581-3667 or contact us today to learn more about Steel Shield Security’s window screens.