A man was arrested early Thursday on suspicion of breaking into a Peoria home and threatening the residents, including a 5-year-old boy, with a shotgun, authorities said.

Dion Williams, 27, was arrested after he and at least one other unknown male entered the home near 87th Avenue and Mountain View Road and attempted to rob the residents, police said. The incident occurred about 4:30 a.m., police said.

Police found Williams hiding near a neighbor’s house shortly after responding to a 911 call at the Peoria home. According to the arrest report, a man, two women and a child were at the house during the incident. The man and his fiancee were in the master bedroom watching television while the other woman and her stepson were in an adjacent room, police said.

The men entered the master bedroom, pointed a pistol-grip shotgun at the couple and told them to lay face down on the bed, the report said. The suspects reportedly went into the other bedroom and told the woman and her son to lay face down, the report said. The suspects then began to restrain the man using duct tape, police said.

The burglars told the residents they were from Peoria police and one of the suspects said they wanted money, the report said.

The male resident got into a struggle with Williams and got a clear look at his face in the light from the television, police said. During the struggle, Williams dropped his shotgun on the floor at which point the fiancee ran into the bathroom with her phone to call 911, police said.

As the fiancee called authorities, the second suspect fled, police said. The altercation between Williams and the man moved into the hallway and the man tore out pieces of Williams hair, police said.

The man pushed Williams down the stairs and Williams left through the same sliding glass door used to enter the house, police said. Officers found pieces of Williams’ hair on the staircase in addition to an unloaded shotgun and a shoe, the report said

Officers matched the shoe with a shoe Williams was wearing at the time of his arrest. Police also noted that Williams’ had abrasions on his face and back, and that there were areas on his head where hair had been pulled out.

The male resident had leftover duct tape on his head when officers arrived. He also had bruising on his face, shoulders and back, police said. No other injuries were reported. A search of the neighborhood failed to turn up the second suspect.

It is unclear if there was anything stolen from the residence. Williams was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery, burglary and kidnapping. He has prior arrests for armed robbery and possession of marijuana.