The Sad Truth About Aging-in-Place

We live in a world today where home security is more crucial than ever before as people are living longer, and the world feels more unsafe. Sadly, elderly parents are perceived as physically and psychologically incapable of defending their homes, and so become the victims of home intrusion crimes. Many choose to move in with relatives or into assisted living spaces. However, many cannot afford that luxury, while still others choose to “age-in-place” at home, where they are comfortable. Our challenge is how to increase their safety when doing so.

In the past, locks on entry and screen doors kept prowlers out. There was no need for window guards or tamperproof screens. The average home today, without real steel doors or window guards, is vulnerable to criminal trespassers. In many cases, a hard kick or two is enough to gain entry.

Viable Alternatives that Allow Our Elderly Parents to Stay at Home

There are many options for providing a safe living environment for our parents in their homes, such as steel doors, window guards, secure screen doors, and Crimsafe® for outdoor entertainment and activity areas. In the beautiful Phoenix area, it would be a shame for our parents to get stuck inside and not be able to enjoy backyard entertainment.

Steel Secure Doors

It is a statistical fact that 65 percent of home intrusions start with the intruder coming in through one of a home’s doors. Nearly 34 percent are bold enough to go right in through the front door, while in other cases, 31 percent choose rear entries or garage doors.
Therefore, a safer alternative is to bolster entry doors. Solid steel doors with sturdy steel frames and multi-port locks are the ultimate housebreaker deterrent. What good is a steel door with a wooden frame? It is still much too easy to kick open, even with custom kick plates.

Custom steel doors available from Steel Shield Security Doors can be tailored to your needs. The real steel door difference is the steel frame. They include hardware, installation, pneumatic door closer, upgraded screen, and bug-proof weather stripping. The design of steel is almost limitless and can be customized to match your needs and decor.

You can have them designed to look like mahogany, oak, or cherry. The multi-point locks can be customized to open with a key, code or cell phone app. This feature makes it easier for seniors to enter, but intruders don’t stand a chance.

To get a better idea about our security doors, service and installations, read what our clients have stated.

Steel Screen Doors

These screen doors can have Crimsafe® technology installed to make the screen nearly impregnable. You can use decorative designs that complement the architecture of your parents’ home. Therefore, they can open the door and still enjoy the protection of a steel screen door that is stylish. Stainless steel security doors with a mesh screen, removable safety glass, and secure three-point locking system will supply the necessary security to protect your elderly parents.

Window Guards

Window guards are another decorative security option. Whereas 65 percent of intruders come in through a door, sneaky thieves use windows at the back of the house or basement windows to get into residences.

Standard windows can be broken into in only a moment. Protecting windows with custom window guards makes the home more secure. Window guards from Steel Shield Security Doors are measured to fit and include installation. The steel is powder-coated for long-lasting protection against corrosion and fading.

With a locking window guard, you can keep criminals out. They won’t be able to break the glass to gain entry. The locking mechanisms can be set up as fixed or operable installations, which allow escape or rescue. When there’s an emergency, a simple push of a button allows it to open, probably easier than opening the window. Get window guards installed to lessen that likelihood from occurring.

Crimsafe® Their Backyard Entertainment Area

These super-strong enclosures allow your parents to spend time outdoors while enjoying a pest-free atmosphere safely. Crimsafe® uses Tensile-Tuff®, so you will always know their backyard patios are safe from robbers and provide excellent protection from the sun’s UV rays.

Secure screening for windows and entertainment areas is also available. Crimsafe® screening with stainless steel vinyl-coated mesh and custom frames will complement your home’s architecture, doors, and window guards. The Tensile-Tuff® Mesh is exceptionally strong and can be ordered to withstand massive winds, offer brushfire protection, and have quick release options for easy exit in an emergency.
Your parents will be safe and secure with these critical security upgrades.

Steel Shield Security Doors for Their Protection

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