Spooky Season is right around the corner and most of us look forward to a fun and safe Halloween celebration, whether you’re just hanging out at home or going to a party. Unfortunately, there’s always a risk of meeting disaster. Don’t panic – here are some tips and tricks to secure your house from teen pranksters and burglars.

Home Security

If you haven’t done this yet, then it might be time to invest in a nice home security system. A security system keeps your house and family safe all year round, especially during the holidays when kids roam the streets and houses are vacant.

If you already have a security system in place, make sure that you arm your security system or remain extra alert if you’ll be handing out candy.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Installing motion sensor lights can help deter any tricksters or potential burglars from vandalizing your property. Always stay alert and avoid any distractions that lead to an unsupervised front door.

We recommend installing motion sensor lights in your driveway, side yard, and walkways. This will also make it easier for you to see who’s approaching your house.

Install a Security Gate

Halloween just isn’t for everyone and if you’re looking to avoid all types of traffic from reaching your doorstep, you can install a front security gate to keep your house safe and secure while you sleep.

There are many types of security gates that can be installed on your property. If you are considering investing in a high-quality security gate, you can view the various traditional and modern styles that Steel Shield Security offers.

Visitor Safety

Decorating for Halloween is always exciting and fun but making sure that it passes a safety check will help you avoid any injuries or damage to your property.

  • Don’t leave any wires or decorations in the way of the pathway.
  • Use LED lighting instead of real candles to avoid any accidental house or yard fires.
  • Keep your front yard clean of branches, dirt, and leaves.
  • Secure all of your suspended decorations to avoid anything falling on trick-or-treaters.

Lights Out

Once the night is over, you need to remember to conduct a security check around your entire property. Make sure all doors are locked, windows are tightly sealed, and no one is lingering around your house. If you have your home security system, set your alarm to stay in night mode.

Always remember to practice these tips to keep your property safe all year round. If you’re looking to fully secure your house before Halloween, contact us. Our professional technicians are happy to answer your questions and provide assistance to make you feel safe.