House and apartment pools allow for year-round fun in Arizona. Make sure you keep your kids safe around water by taking the right precautions.

Swimming pools are a must for many people who live in Arizona, especially during the summer. It is important to remember that we must take safety precautions when we have a pool, which can include installing a pool gate around the area to protect children who can’t swim. Steel Shield Security Doors and More gives you the ability to enjoy your pool in the summer while protecting your family and guests.

In Arizona, we have a major problem with drowning all year long. In 2016, 24 children downed in Arizona pools and spas, which was an increase compared to 2015. These tragic stories are a reminder to other parents of the protection they need to take for children, guests, and even pets. The first thing that you can do is watch your children around water, even if your child knows how to swim.

Birthday parties can include swimming, which means children will come to your house without you knowing if they can swim or not. Again, this is a moment where at least one parent needs to keep an eye on all of the kids and know the signs of active drowning. To keep your kids safe around water, you can enroll them in swim lessons. Check out the local listings to see who offers swim lessons near you.

The number one way to keep kids safe around water is to install a pool gate. A security gate around the pool can prevent children being left alone by a pool when there is no supervision. With no pool gate, an unfortunate event may occur in your home. These pool barriers provided by Steel Shield Security comply with Arizona state and city requirements so you know the high-quality grade and install are included with our pool gates.

If you have a pool gate installed, make sure the gate latch and hinges are properly working. If not, you may need to replace them as they are important in keeping your children safe. Many gates will automatically close on their own, if yours does not, make sure you either replace it or that the gate is always closed. Gates have a requirement height on them so children are not able to reach and open the latch on their own.

If you have a pool, it is important to keep everyone that enters your home safe. Think about investing in a pool gate for the safety of everyone. This could save the life of your children or someone else’s child. At Steel Shield Security, we create a variety of shapes and sized pool gates for commercial and residential pool fencing. Call today to find to get your pool gate before summer.