Don’t let this be your story. I came home from work late one evening, and as I stepped into my living room, I heard a loud crash coming from the bedroom. There wasn’t supposed to be anyone in there. I live alone, and I don’t have any pets. I went back out the front door as quickly and quietly as possible, then walked to my car and called 911. As I sat in my vehicle waiting for the police to arrive, I thought about why I hadn’t installed a security system or burglar-proofed my home. My home was like an invitation to burglars. I didn’t even have a deadbolt lock on any of my doors or any window guards. I was living in a dream-world; hoping no one would notice I had nice things and want them for themselves.

Why No Window Guards?

After beating myself up and waiting for what seemed like an eternity, the police showed up and went through the front door, with their guns at the ready. They were only in there a short while when they came back out.

The sergeant came over and said, “We didn’t find anyone inside the house, but there is quite a mess. Perhaps you would like to come in with me, and you can tell me if anything is missing. Then we’ll need to go down to the station and fill out a report.”

I agreed, but I wasn’t ready for the destruction in my house he referred to as a mess. I started sobbing when I realized they took my mother’s ring and all of my other jewelry. The officer asked, “Excuse me, ma’am, I don’t mean to rub salt into the wounds, but why no alarm system, window guards, or bars? I mean, this neighborhood isn’t exactly Hollywood Hills. And, it appears you live alone. Not even a dog.”

I replied, “It may not be Hollywood Hills, but it is my home, and I don’t want it to seem like a prison.”

Customized Decorative Window Guards

I called a friend to help me board up the smashed window. He told me about a home security company that installed customized decorative doors and window guards. He said I should consider an alarm system as well. I told him I’d call in the morning and made a vow to myself to never be the victim again.

The Advantage of Window Guards

Many people don’t realize window guards can be designed to match your home’s exterior. These guards will open quickly from the inside but keep intruders from having a clear access point from outside.

Intruders usually choose windows away from the street because they can hide in the landscaping shadows. Basement windows are another convenient point of entry that may not be visible from the street, or even the neighbors.

Some of the other advantages of window guards are:

  • The attractive styles allow the guards to blend in, rather than look like bars
  • These decorative guards send the message you take security seriously
  • There are many affordable window guard options
  • Even if they break the window, the bars are too close together to allow entry
  • Window guards make an excellent addition to steel doors, deadbolts, and alarm systems

Decorative iron window guards look good and protect even better. Many won’t consider window guards because they already have an alarm system and they don’t want to feel trapped.

Whereas an alarm system is good, but is it monitored? Is there someone physically watching the system who will notify law enforcement after a breach? In more than 95-percent of home intrusions, the burglars are gone before the police arrive. Can they reset the system when a squirrel or neighborhood cat set off the alarm? Even when law enforcement is not busy somewhere else and responds right away, there’s still the mess to clean up after they investigate the break-in.

Window guards are a warning to intruders to go somewhere else. Breaking a window here will not allow entry.

Layers of Protection

Like dressing in layers to protect against hypothermia in the cold weather, layers of protection for your home are a valid option. Why not have a solid window lock that is visible from outside? What about motion sensors and tape sensors on windows and doors?

Is there anything wrong with having these attached to a reliable security system that is monitored 24/7 by a private company who can notify law enforcement? Exterior wireless cameras connected through Wi-Fi to a motion detector can turn on the floodlights when tripped. These are all valuable methods of deterring intruders.

Some home security systems cost less than cable and provide environmental sensors, such as smoke detectors, heightened carbon monoxide, and mold alerts, video doorbells, and others. But then, you should add the final touch with window guards, the ultimate protection your family deserves.

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