There are a number of benefits to security doors; not all of which have to do with unwelcome guests. While security doors are great for keeping undesirables out, they are also useful for keeping pets and small children in.

Unlike in the movies, most burglars are easily deterred by safety measures such as security doors and windows. The time it would take to breach a sound security door, when weighed against the potential rewards, just isn’t worth the effort for a career burglar.

Pets and small children are notorious for wandering off. Security doors provide an extra layer of safety, so you know your children or fur babies cannot escape and go exploring the big world on their own.

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Customized Security Doors

Our steel doors are fully customized, with styles to suit every home. For our customers, security does not mean compromise on look and style. We also want to make it easier for our customers to choose the right door, so we have created five different series to make finding your perfect door a walk in the park.

When you purchase security doors from Steel Shield Security, you can choose from our Classic, Estate, Hand Forged, Laser, and Premier ranges. The quality of doors in each series is top of the line, as each unit is constructed from only the highest-grade materials.

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Classic Series

These steel security screen doors offer the best of both worlds, in security and stylish design. The classic range acts as an effective deterrent to would be intruders, while ensuring that the outward appearance of your home remains stylish and attractive.

One of the major benefits of steel security screen doors is the ability to leave the main door open, without compromising on security. Manufactured right here in Arizona, our classic steel security screens are an affordable option for any home.

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Estate Series

Most homeowners would agree that “elegant security door” is a bit of an oxymoron. However, as many Steel Shield Security customers can attest, there is no reason why you can’t have both elegance and security in a door.
The Estate series provides the highest level of security, while ensuring that your steel door does not detract from the aesthetics of your home. We have a wide range of designs and styles to choose from; however, if you cannot find the perfect fit for you, we can create a custom door to match your needs.

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Laser Series

We are all about providing our customers with customization and choice. When it comes to security doors, we feel that our laser series really raises the bar. You have complete artistic license, giving you the freedom to design your ideal security door.

Using laser technology, our expert team can cut a specific design into your security door. That means you can have a door that is one of a kind, completely unique, and still have the benefit of knowing that you are always safe and secure.

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Hand Forged Series

Our steel door artisans are at the top of their game. In fact, there is no better example of the quality of workmanship than our hand forged series of security doors. These doors are game changers, when it comes to exceptional design combined with security.

Made from the highest quality of steel, our hand forged series proves that security does not mean compromising on style. With a hand forged security door, you can enjoy the Arizona sunshine and still have the peace of mind that your home is secure.

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Premier Series

As the name suggests, the Steel Shield Security Premier Series offers top of the range security doors, which actually add style to your home. We have listened to feedback from our customers, researched the market, and arrived at the conclusion that no security door offering is complete without the addition of a premier range.

We, at Steel Shield Security, are confident that our business is at the forefront of home security that does not compromise style. Our premier series, just like all the other security door options that we offer, reflects our willingness to listen to our customers and provide the solutions that you both want and need.

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Interested in one of the Steel Shield Security Doors & More products? We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the product, our manufacturing process and installation process. Request a quote and we will reach out to you to setup an initial appointment and discuss which product you are interested in.