Burglars hope that homeowners overlook even the smallest security issues to make their job a lot easier – and it’s working. According to the Phoenix Police Department’s (PPD) Uniform Crime Report, home invasions all over Phoenix have risen since last year. It is up to each of us to be informed on how to secure our homes and possessions, even the most basic home security hacks.

Banners and stickers stating the home are protected gives notice to the intruder. The presence of a home security system warning can seem unimportant, but it can deter burglars to move on to an easier target somewhere else. Motion detectors with floodlights and security cameras will surely scare them off!

The PPD has a large geographical area to cover which could delay their arrival to your home. Steel doors with metal frames, kickplates, deadbolts, and window guards can protect your family until they arrive. Video footage provided by your external security camera will give the police more evidence to work with to catch the burglars.

Here are some home security hacks to make your home feel safe:

Don’t Let Your Landscape Provide a Hiding Place

Although extravagant landscaping makes your yard more attractive, it can make your home more susceptible to criminals. Avoid placing shrubbery and trees close to windows and doors. A lilac bush might look beautiful and smell heavenly, but when placed too close to a window, it could provide cover for an intruder.

The same can be said about rhododendrons, mountain laurels, and the double Rose of Sharon. Well-placed shrubs, trees, and bushes can make your yard inviting for those looking for cover. Keep home security in mind when planning your curb appeal.

If you already have one or more of these by your windows there is no need to transplant. Instead, use lighting to accentuate the shrub to get rid of shadows and hiding places. Landscape lighting can make your yard seem more spacious and attractive while keeping burglars away.

Outdoor Security Lights & Cameras

Not all of your lights should be lowkey or focused on the shrubs. Try to convert your lights to be in sync with motion detectors or security cameras. Floodlights with smart connections and security sensors hooked to point-tilt-zoom (PTZ) video cameras are an excellent choice. When the sensors detect unusual movement in your yard, the cameras start looking for the cause and the floodlights come on. Chances are the trespassers are heading for cover… but not before the cameras pick them up!

The footage will assist law enforcement in catching the burglar and help make your community safer.

Consider taking an extra step to protect your home and loved ones. Crimsafe® is a stainless steel security mesh and frame system that is used to secure windows, doors and outdoor areas that are at risk for intruders and insects.

Don’t Let Your Garage Provide a Hiding Place

Over half of all home intruders enter through the front or rear door. These entries are where most homeowners place their focus. However, do not overlook a potential third entry point: your garage. This door could be behind a wooden gate with a latch used to keep the dogs and kids in, but not necessarily to keep criminals out.

Many side garage doors are not viewable from the street or even a neighbor’s house. Some even have a glass window above the door handle. This is a jackpot entry for burglars. Knowing they cannot be seen from the street, they will place tape across the glass and tap. The glass will break without shattering or making much noise. All that’s left is for the burglar to reach in and unlock the door.

Once inside, they have access to your vehicle, stored items, and expensive tools. There is a good chance there is also an unlocked door between them and the house.

Do not ignore the garage when planning your home security system. Treat it as a likely third entry option and equip it with the same sensors and motion detectors used at the focus of the house. Remove the door with a window and replace it with a steel door and frame.

Do not let your garage be an easy access point to your valuables.

Steel Shield Security Doors Eliminate Weaknesses with Home Security Hacks

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