The screen door is often the first to welcome visitors to your home, it protects you and your family from airborne pests, and allows airflow. However, not all screen doors are created equal. There are four primary differences between light security and a heavy-duty screen door, construction; screens or mesh; hardware; and, typically the most significant, price.

So, what are these differences? Can the differences justify the more expensive heavy-duty security screen door? Whether it is worth it to you to spend the additional money for the more secure door depends on your situation.

Those who live in a gated community with neighbors all around, roving patrols, and a monitored home security system might not need the added security of a heavy-duty screen door. However, that additional security for a family on a low budget can benefit significantly from either of these low-cost options.

Let’s take a look at these differences and discuss the pros and cons of each so that you can make an informed decision about which is right for your situation.

#1 – Solid Steel Construction

The most substantial difference between these two screens is construction. The light-weight, low-security screen door is well-constructed with reinforced corners on its aluminum frame and typically comes with an aluminum mesh. Buyers beware though because many screen door manufacturers are opting to use the less expensive and less durable vinyl screen.

Many salespeople will claim vinyl is better because it does not rust, but adequately treated aluminum or steel mesh will not rust either. Another quality in a light security door is the sturdy cross-section structure. Most of these doors come with a locking device on the handle, but most buyers will want to add a bolt lock which slides into the frame for more security.

Now, the heavy-duty security door has solid 16-gauge steel construction, high-strength steel or aluminum mesh, and welded cross segments for added security.

Nowadays, many manufacturers opt not to install hardware such as handles and locks to keep the price down. However, there are benefits to buying and installing your own hardware. Most manufacturers use inferior handles and locks; therefore, you save a little money initially and get the hardware you want for your security.

Plus, the steel powder coating used exclusively by Steel Shield Security Doors has many benefits. The long-lasting finish does not scratch easily, nor rust. Also, this product is environmentally friendly because it does not emit volatile organic compounds (VOC).

#2 – Screen Versus Mesh

One advantage of the light security screen doors are the increased airflow because of the light-weight screens. These screens allow more sunlight and added airflow, while still protecting your home from flying pests. With pets in the house, you can get an optional heavier screen mesh that is seven times sturdier than the regular screen.

Heavy-duty doors generally come with 304-grade steel wire or aluminum. The buyer can usually choose from several options, though most prefer a mesh that will withstand 60 pounds of constant force. The disadvantages of the denser mesh are reduced airflow and heavier doors. Heavier doors are often more challenging to open and close, which can be a drawback for some seniors.

#3 – Hardware & Locks

Handles and locks are the most critical aspect of choosing either a heavy-duty or light security screen door for your home. As stated above, many manufacturers are leaving off hardware to save money. Steel Shield Security uses only top-notch handles and locking mechanisms with our security screen doors.

The best option for either door is a deadbolt lock that slides into the door’s frame. Your screen door should have a double-locking system. A keyed or coded lock that works from the inside or the outside and deadbolt.

Steel Shield Security can show you many options to secure one of our high-quality security doors, which you can choose from our product gallery. We have five series to choose from, the Classic, Hand Forged, Estate, Premier or Laser. Any of which offers heavy-duty security and are classically attractive.

#4 – Price

The price is generally the primary difference homeowners consider when buying every product. A point to keep in mind when buying is, you get what you pay for most of the time. If you buy a light-weight screen door, don’t expect maximum security or long-lasting good looks. Although a light security screen door is typically only one-third the cost of a heavy-duty security screen door, your choice depends on your situation.

Experience the Difference of a Steel Shield Security Door

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