We have a vast selection of wood gates in different sizes and shapes, all custom made to fit your style

Every wood gate that we manufacture and install are made of premium materials and hardware so they will stand the test of time.

Not only are our wood gates top-notch quality, they also are created with safety in mind. Protect your house and backyard with our secure wood gates, while maintaining your curb appeal.
If you are interested in purchasing a wood gates from us, ask us about our available wood. We only pick the most durable woods that we are able to stain to match your desired appearance and finish. What also makes Steel Shield’s wood gates superior, is the fact that we control the entire process from inception to finalized project. We have some of the best manufacturers and installers in the Phoenix, AZ valley who know our products front to back. We guarantee you will enjoy your wood gate for many years to come.
Choose Steel Shield Security for your wood gate project, we will make sure that you receive the best product quality and highest level of customer service. Everything is manufactured in our production facility and installed by us, there’s no second parties involved. Choose safety and protection, choose Steel Shield Security.