Looking for a grand entrance into your driveway or backyard?

Then we believe an arched gate from Steel Shield Security Doors & More is exactly what you’ve been looking for

An arched gate not only provides a memorable entrance, all gates produced by us will provide you with security and safety while maintaining an elegant curb appeal.
Arched gates are built to last, whether they are made out of iron, stone or steel. You will be getting the best quality of materials, manufacturing and installation possible when choosing Steel Shield Security. All of our arched gates are made right here in Phoenix, AZ at our manufacturing facility. We are truly Made in the USA. Not only do we manufacture all of our gates, we also install them. Our installation technicians are highly trained and always ensure great customer service.
We can custom make any arched gate to fit your space and location. You choose the material and design and we guarantee we are able make your ideal arched gate come to life. Choose quality, choose protection and most importantly choose safety with one of Steel Shield Security’s arched gates.