Window screens are meant to keep your privacy and keep out bugs and intruders. However, after time, these window screens can start to warp or fail allowing for bugs to enter and it no longer be able to fit your window frame. There are a few things that can trigger your screens to warp more quickly than others.


  1. Water can ultimately warp, rust, and crack your screens especially to those that are made with wooden or aluminum frames. When choosing a frame, choose one that is susceptible to water.
  2. Pets have a history of getting excited and jumping on the screens or tend to lay by windows because of the sunshine that may come in. By doing this, pets can damage the window screen by the pressure of their body causing the screen to warp.
  3. Repairs are likely when it comes to any part of your house, but improper repair can cause tears or holes in the screen. When removing or rescreening the screen, it can cause the screen to bend out of shape making it difficult to have the frame be flush with the window.
  4. In Arizona, we have months of extreme weather called Monsoon season. During these months, we can see severe winds that are brought on by dust storms. With this type of weather, trees fall down, debris is blowing everywhere and dirt gets everywhere. Any of these serious weather conditions can ultimately damage or bend the frame of the screen.


Whether your window screen warps from pets, improper repair, or even serious weather conditions, Steel Shield Security can help. We can help replace your warped window screen with new energy efficient screens that can block up to 90% of sun’s rays. Cut down your cooling and heating costs today by removing your warped screens and installing new sun screens to your house.