If you have a security door at your house, it is most likely that you installed it to keep out predators from entering your home, as well as keeping your children and pets safe from running outside. Although you are keeping predators out, it may be that you are not protecting your security door properly. Keep your door looking brand new by making sure you take care of them.



  1. Powder coating is added to your security doors to help protect them from rust, scrapes, and scratches against people and environmental factors. With every Steel Shield Security door, a powder coated finish to added to protect the life of the door.
  2. Cleaning your front door is a must especially during monsoon months in Arizona where dust is abundant. Dust can sit on your door, but a simple cleaning can remove all of it. Clean your security doors by taking a cloth or soft brush and use Windex or just damp the cloth. When cleaning your doors, you need to be gentle so we do not recommend using a hose to spray off any dirt.
  3. If your door starts to squeak or seems harder to close, use WD40 or a lubricant on the doors hinges and locks to eliminate any problem. After you have sprayed your door with the lubricant, go through and wipe away any excess lubricant with a cloth.



  1. When cleaning your security door, do not use any high-pressure water on the door. Stick with a small amount of water or Windex on a cloth. High pressure water can damage the surface, even powder surfaces.
  2. Since security doors already have a powder coating on them, avoid using harsh chemicals or any abrasive materials that could scratch or damage the paint and powder coating on your doors. If rust is appearing on your door, use a wet wash cloth to try and clean it off, it that doesn’t work, it may be time to replace your door.
  3. A little bit of water can go a long way when cleaning your security doors. However, we recommend not using an extensive amount of water. If you have sprinklers at your home, make sure that they do not directly hit the door. There is no way to stop rain from getting your door wet, just make sure that you wipe the door down with a soft towel after a storm to remove an excess water.


Keep your security door new and make it last for years to come by taking these few steps to maintain your security doors. Have further questions on how to take care of your Steel Shield Security door? Call us today (623) 581-3667 to find out more and speak with one of our experts.