Curb appeal is appreciated when buying or selling a home, but it is often best appreciated by the homeowner. Curb appeal plays an important role in selling a home as new homeowners are looking for a welcoming entrance that will draw them in to see the property.

To see how you are doing with curb appeal, it is best to look at your house from a potential homeowner’s perspective. Look at the exterior paint and yard to see if it is clean and well-maintained. Next, make sure your fences and doors to any part of your house are in working condition and do not need repair.

If you notice anything that you do need to change, this is the time to do so before you put your house on the market. The first thing people think of when adding curb appeal to a home is outdoor lighting and gardens, however, there are other ways to not only enhance the curb appeal but also give home buyers the added security they are looking for!

Security doors and gates can be a beautiful addition to your home. Doors and gates allow for the security your family wants and needs along with adding beauty to your home. Custom doors and gates are meant to be designed the way you want them to look and that is where Steel Shield comes in.

Here are some other ways doors and gates will increase your curb appeal:


Depending on the color of your house, you can plan to have your door or gate either stand out with a pop of color or have match the current color of your home. The color may vary slightly due to the material of the door, but the beauty of a custom security gate or door is that you can choose the color you want it to be. This gives you the freedom of choosing.

If your house has an exterior neutral palette, you can go out of the box and add a pop of color to your security door. If you are choosing to add multiple security points with gates and doors, it may be best to correlate all colors together to keep the style and curb appeal of the house. Whenever you are choosing colors, make sure that you are abiding by the HOA rules. They can be very strict to which colors are and aren’t allowed on the exterior of your house.


One of the perks of adding a custom door or gate is that you can choose a design that best fits your style. You can start with a blank canvas and design a piece that works with the environment around your home. At Steel Shield Security, we have plenty of designs to choose from or you can create your own.

From sun rays, outdoor scenes, to traditional vertical lines, you can create or choose from a series of pre-designed products that will best fit your home. This gives you the open concept of choosing what works for your house instead of choosing from a specific list.


No matter what size you are looking for, you can always be sure that choosing a custom gate or door will correctly fit your needed space. Whether you are protecting your front door, driveway, pool, backyard, or RV, gates can create a correlation with all your security features.

Every house has different sized front doors and space for a gate. Steel Shield comes to your home and accurately measures the space to produce a product that will match perfectly. Other companies sometimes only sell sizes that may need you to file down.


Because doors and gates can be custom made, they can be created to match your style no matter if it is traditional or modern. Another feature you can look for to add to your style is choosing from a wood or steel gate. This can enhance your home’s exterior décor. No matter what style you choose, you will know that you are receiving a security feature that is made from the strongest material on the market.

Because every house’s design is different, going with a custom door allows you to choose something that you love. From antique to western, you can always make a great first impression with a unique door.

At Steel Shield Security, we create security gates and doors that ensure that your property is kept safe and secure. Whether you are adding it to increase security or enhance your curb appeal, Steel Shield Security can deliver. Find out more today about how we can custom make gates and doors specific to your house.