Crimsafe® Weather Protection Against Impact

Are you in a possible hurricane area? Crimsafe® has the ability to protect your home against a hurricane while still allowing you to keep your door open to view the current storm. Our products have been tested against wind and are able to withstand winds up to 200 MPH/322KPH.

If that’s not enough, our Crimsafe® screens can also stand up to a missile impact of 150 MPH/241KPH. Unlike storm panels, Crimsafe® is already installed and ready to withstand the storm or impact. There’s no need to install the screens right before the storm, they are already in place which helps with peace of mind before and during a storm. Storms can cause high amounts of damage to any property. With the ease of knowing that you’re protected, Crimsafe®  screens are sure to ease the minds of you and those you love.

How does Crimsafe® Weather Protection Work?

The hooking feature of the patented Crimsafe® screw-clamp levers into the aluminum frame of the door, which spreads the weight/load around the whole perimeter of the product. Most other products have the force be concentrated at the point of impact. Also, Crimsafe®‘s mechanical fastening of the clamp to the mesh can resist the mesh being pulled out of the frame. This technology allows Crimsafe® to withstand intense winds and enormous forces.


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