Enhance Your Energy Efficiency with Crimsafe®

Crimsafe® Security Screens are one of the best products we offer to help protect your home or property from being broken into by intruders. Although, were you aware that our security screens are also great at protecting your house from overheating?

Just imagine during these hot summer months in Arizona, keeping your house cool with the help of Crimsafe® security screens! Just by adding them onto the windows of your house or business, you can greatly reduce the amount of heat that enters your house. This in turn, reduces the need to run your air-conditioning and the cost of your electric bill. When a Crimsafe® security screen is placed over an entire window, it has the ability to improve the window’s chance at blocking solar radiation up to 52%!

Windows play a vital role in the fabrication of building homes. Windows help control airflow, let light in, and provide scenic views that help connect our internal living area with the outdoors. On the other hand, regular windows are responsible for letting unwanted heat into the house during summer months, and heat loss during winter months.

To determine a window’s energy rating, it’s important to take it’s Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) into consideration. The SHGC is the measurement in determining how well a window blocks heat from sunlight. The lower the SHGC value, the less solar heat that is transmitted from the window.

Crimsafe® security screens, when applied correctly and over the whole surface of a single, glazed window, can significantly improve the SHGC rating up to 52%. It’s important to note that around 40% of a home’s energy for heating and cooling is lost/gained through windows. So investing in Crimsafe® security screens can represent a huge saving on your energy bill and a large cut into your possible greenhouse gas emissions.


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