When considering home intruders, how many of us regard other species besides those wearing a mask? Most of us automatically envision burglars and other felons breaking into our homes to take our hard-earned possessions or, worse, do us bodily harm. These are certainly worth guarding against, but what about other dangerous groups like spiders, scorpions, snakes, mosquitoes, and cats? Crimsafe is the solution to all of these possible issues.

When you are in the backyard relaxing or having a barbecue, the last thing you want is any of these creepy crawling creatures coming in uninvited. That’s one reason to install Crimsafe mesh on windows, doors, and backyard entertainment areas.

Mosquitoes & Other Insects

Did you know that there are over 3,500 varieties of mosquitoes? When you’re trying to sleep and a swarm is flying around your bedroom, it’s easy to believe. What’s more, you probably feel as if they’re all in your room.

Contrary to the popular myth, both the male and female buzz. However, the female mosquito makes a higher pitched noise, and they are the ones that bite, not the male. The female uses your blood’s protein to develop the eggs. The male, on the other hand, feeds on a flower’s nectar.

More than just the annoying high-pitched buzz, the female’s bite can spread multiple diseases, most commonly dengue fever and malaria, but there is no scientific evidence to support the theory that mosquitoes can spread the AIDS virus.

Likewise, even though bug zappers, purple martin birds and bats can help control mosquitoes, they will not eliminate them entirely.

What about those eight-legged home invaders? The brown recluse spider often called the desert recluse, and the black widow spiders are both residents of Arizona. Plus, there are scorpions, Arizona desert tarantulas, and centipedes. Although they typically only bite when threatened, they can be dangerous to a child or pet. Your best bet is to keep them out with Crimsafe mesh.

Use Crimsafe to Keep Snakes Out

Although the ridge-nosed rattlesnake is Arizona’s state reptile, it is one of the dozens of both venomous and non-venomous snakes native to Arizona. In fact, there are around twenty poisonous snakes here.

Nothing will break up a barbecue quicker than a rattlesnake. Even a two or three-foot Desert Rosy Boa will put a crimp in your backyard barbecue.


Many of us think of cats as cute little balls of fur. However, stray cats are anything but sweet and fluffy. These abandoned or runaway stragglers carry ticks, fleas, and diseases. They will come in search of food and possibly companionship from your cat, but they rarely re-adapt to living in a home.

You surely don’t want your cat getting impregnated by one of these castoffs. Even spayed pets still run the risk of getting fleas, ticks, and diseases. Rabies is quite common among feral cats, which is deadly for both you and your pets.

Stray cats are accustomed to living in the wild. Once they get into your home and start feeling trapped, they can become extremely dangerous. Their temperament becomes erratic, and, at the very least, they could break your valuables and tear up your house. Do not attempt to pick them up to put them out. You can be scratched or bitten. Call the local ASPCA and let them safely remove the animal from your home.

Human Intruders

The thought of a snake or venomous spider in our home or backyard entertainment area is frightening, but the worst threat to our home and family is still the two-legged variety. 38 percent of physical assaults and 60 percent of all rapes begin with a home invasion. What’s more, there are nearly 4,500 burglaries every day, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

As unpleasant as it is to contemplate the possibility, we cannot keep our heads in the sand and hope intruders stay away. Doing that will only cause unnecessary harm to our loved ones. Although we cannot eliminate the possibility of a home intruder, we can make it so difficult for them to get in, they move on to an easier target.

Use real steel security doors with steel frames and multiport locks, window guards, and, above all, Crimsafe to secure windows and doors.

What Is Crimsafe?

Crimsafe® mesh is a .035-inch stainless steel mesh held in place with tamper-resistant screws. At first glance, it looks and performs like a screen to keep out mosquitoes and other pests, but is strong enough to resist blunt force. This mesh is almost impenetrable.

You can use Crimsafe mesh to cover windows, doors, and backyard entertainment areas to keep out all types of pests and intruders. Home intruders will find it nearly impossible to cut into the mesh – it’s that thick – yet still allows the air to flow through and keep you, your family and guests cool, comfortable and safe.

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Steel Shield Security Doors Will Keep Intruders Out

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