One of the most important parts of owning a home is making sure it is as secure as possible, regardless of the neighborhood you’re in. Safe neighborhoods do not provide the guarantee of securing your home. Do you know where to start making your home secure? Of course, you can purchase and have a security system installed to detect intruders, but what about preventing them from being able to break-in in the first place? This is where Steel Shield Security Doors and More brings you Crimsafe Windows and Doors to secure every point of entry from intruders. While it can be an extensive investment in the short-run, providing the extra shield to your home will save your home from stolen items and the cost of repairs for damage to your home.

Crimsafe Benefits

Crimsafe makes stainless steel security mesh and frame systems to provide durable security for windows and doors on any home. It has several benefits that include but are not limited to protecting your home from burglars.

Help Protect Against Unwanted Pests

Crimsafe keeps insects and other unwanted pests out of your home with stainless steel mesh. It has the same opening size as standard residential window screens. This allows the screens to prevent burglars unwanted bugs from entering your home. Even Crimsafe’s security doors have a “bug sweep” to ensure the doors are sealed preventing any insects or other pests from crawling under the door.

Secure your home from all pests with Crimsafe® window screens and doors for the perfect security from all intruders.

Energy Efficient

In addition to preventing destruction from burglars, Crimsafe products reduce energy costs, which as we know in Arizona is very important since it is sunny year-round. Stainless-steel mesh in security door and window screens have shown it can be used to reduce UV heat by about 53%, saving you on your monthly energy bills.

These protective security doors and window screens save you from more than intruders, they will save you from your high-energy bills. Eventually, the product will pay for itself with the savings from your energy bills.

Can Prevent the Spread of a Fire

Crimsafe screens are aperature are less than 6.25% of an inch in size, meaning it’s helpful for preventing embers from entering homes. This is especially helpful if you live in wildfire-prone areas.

Crimsafe screens and doors can help reduce the intensity of radiant heat up to 59%, thus making it a viable option as a fire weakening product according to Exova Warringtonfire.

Weather Protection

Crimsafe® can protect against hurricanes, which means for our Arizona customers protection against monsoon season and strong winds. Steel Shield Security Doors and More products have been tested against winds as strong as 200 MPH/322KPH.

Crimsafe screens can even stand up to missile impact of 150 MPH/241KPH and unlike storm panels, it’s already installed and ready to protect your home against storm and other impacts. Give yourself peace of mind for any occurrence that could harm your home. There is a hooking feature of Crimsafe’s patented screw-clamp levers into its aluminum frame of the door spreading the weight around the entire perimeter of the product. The mechanical fastening of the clamp to the Crimsafe mesh helps resist the mesh from being pulled out of the frame allowing it to withstand the force of strong winds.

Protect Against Intruders

Crimsafe has a screw-clamped mesh that can’t be kicked out by intruders. It’s placed between two serrated pieces of aluminum clamping the mesh airtight. There is one piece of an aluminum strip that has a hook while another houses the frame the hook goes into. It takes all three pieces screwed together with stainless steel, tamper-resistant screws to perform properly. In total, it provides a barrier that can’t be kicked in and is known to be burglar proof!

Crimsafe is the only company featuring this level of mechanical setup that provides unbeatable strength and protection for your home.


About Crimsafe Mesh

Dimensions: 0.9mm /.035″ Thick and Meticulously Woven Premium Grade Steel

Market research has revealed that one of the most common methods of entry for intruders is through security screens by busting it open. Yet, this method does not affect Crimsafe’s unbeatable technology.

Crimsafe® mesh is also difficult to cut through, through holes can be made, but never large enough for anyone to fit through. This means an intruder cannot get into your home by trying to break through the screen mesh on your home.

Crimsafe mesh has been made with a secret coating to help extend its lifespan and appearance giving it a cool black look, and protecting against the environment. This highly durable coating contains special additives to help ensure its long life and satisfactory appearance.


Steel Shield Security Doors and More

If you’ve been debating and searching for the best option to protect your home, then look no further. Serving the greater Phoenix area of Arizona, Steel Shield Security Doors and More has plenty of options for you. We specialize in providing durable strength to protect your home. Our products from Crimsafe are propriety, meaning we are the only company to help you with this level of security.

Crimsafe will help protect your home from more than just burglars, it will protect your home from pests, save you money on energy bills, and could even help your home in the event of a fire. We will work with you to protect every entry point of your home from all intruders. If you have any questions or are looking to start the plan to protect your home today, contact us through our online form or at (623) 581-3667.