When thinking about having sun screens installed, the first consideration for homeowners is usually blocking out the light of the sun. While that is, indeed, a major benefit of sun screens, it is by no means the most beneficial.

With the Arizona sun beating down on homes most of the year round, homeowners are faced with huge electricity and AC costs. As such, homeowners are always looking for ways to reduce their energy bills.

Sun Screens present a solution that is both practical and financially beneficial to homeowners. You can reduce the amount of sun light coming into your home, as well as reducing how much you pay for your electricity.

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Sun Block

Blocking out the light of the sun is important for Arizonians. Unless you want to add to your tan from the comfort of your living room, you will need an effective means of reducing the levels of sunlight getting into your home.

An effective sun screen should block between 80% and 90% of the sun’s rays. However, sun screens should not create a total blackout. Finding the right balance is important, which is why so many Arizona homeowners turn to Steel Shield Security Doors and More for their sun screen solutions.

Our sun screens come in a variety of colors, so you do not have to compromise your décor in order to receive some respite from the sun. Although our sun screens do an incredible job of reducing glare, you won’t have to worry about blocking your view.

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Through our market research and countless interactions with customers, we understand that décor is a huge concern when considering sun screens. Dull or drab sun screens may effectively keep out light and heat; however, they certainly aren’t easy on the eye.

In order to combat this problem, Steel Shield Security offers customers a range of colors and trims, which are designed to blend in or even compliment existing décor. We know that you put a lot of time and money into creating the perfect color scheme, so we will do whatever we can to ensure it remains that way.

The fabrics used in our sun screens are both fade and fire resistant, which means they are durable and long lasting. Sun screens from Steel Shield Security are designed for long term protection, making them a must have investment for every Arizona home.

Reduced Energy Costs

When there is just no let up from the scorching sun, Arizonians rely on AC to keep cool during the day. Running the AC for hours on end accounts for a large portion of electricity bills in Arizona homes.
Almost 50% of heat absorbed into the home, results from direct sunlight entering through untreated glass in windows and doors. By significantly reducing your home’s level of heat exposure, you won’t need to rely on AC so much, which will reflect in your monthly energy bill.

In fact, homeowners can expect to see up to a 30% saving on annual energy bills. So, when you think about it, your sun screens are more of an investment than an expensive luxury.

Slowing Down Sun Damage

Furniture, floors, and fittings are often the forgotten victims of sun damage. Furniture, when constantly exposed to the sun, will not age well. While fading is the most obvious damage that furniture suffers from exposure to the sun, you also have to worry about certain materials becoming severely dehydrated.

Leather, for instance, is a material which does not fare well under prolonged exposure to sunlight. When the moisture and natural oils in your leather furniture dry up, the material will begin to crack and split.

Extreme heat and exposure to sunlight is no friend to wood, either. Depending on humidity levels, your wooden floors, doors and frames etc., will either expand or shrink in the harsh Arizona heat. Repairing or replacing these structures is expensive, so it is important for Arizona homeowners to control the heat and humidity inside the home.

Sun screens offer the perfect solution for extending the life of furniture, floors, and fittings. Humidity levels are maintained at ideal levels, while exposure to sun rays is also reduced. The money that you save, from not having to replace furniture, is just another example of why sun screens are such a great investment.

Why Choose Steel Shield Security?

Our focus has always been on offering homeowners practical, attractive, and affordable solutions to security and home improvement needs. We recognize that customized installations, which allow homeowners to protect their home without compromise, are what our customers deserve.

Protecting your home involves more than installing security doors or windows. That’s why, at Steel Shield Security, we are constantly adding products and services designed to protect your home from the elements, as well.

Each member of our team is an expert in their relevant field; however, we also promote an ethos of delivering exceptional customer service in every interaction. So, no matter who you speak to at Steel Shield Security Doors and More, you are guaranteed to receive the highest standard of service, each and every time.

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