Have you been considering the benefits window guards can have for your home? It makes sense to protect your family and window guards are a highly effective device in that regard. Small children, especially, are at risk of falling out of windows. If you want to reduce the chances of your child suffering serious injury – or worse – window guards provide an added level of safety.

CPSC Window Screen Safety

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) produced statistics that estimate how many children are taken to the ER for treatment after falling from a window. Shockingly, more than 4,000 children are injured every year in these often tragic accidents. The statistics sadly include around 120 children who have died as a result of falling from a window since 1990. Children under the age of five accounts for most of the accidents recorded by the CPSC.

These statistics prompted the CPSC to announce additional safety standards related to window guards. The primary goal of these standards is protecting children from a fall and any resulting injuries or fatalities. An important element of these new window guards is ensuring they do not hinder escape in the case of a house fire.

Window Guard Installation

Many homeowners worry that installing window guards will be a laborious task that will disrupt family life. The truth of the matter is, Steel Shield Security Doors can quickly and effectively install window guards to help protect your little ones. Our window guards are simply attached to the window frame. We ensure they are securely in place so children cannot easily dislodge the window guard and fall from the window.

The bars in window guards are less than 4 inches apart, which prevents children from finding their way between the bars and getting stuck or falling out the window. A large amount of research has gone into ensuring window guards provide optimum safety for you and your family.

Purchasing Window Guards

Steel Shield Security Doors provides the most reliable window guards in Arizona. We provide a large range of window guards in styles to suit any home. Aesthetics are an important element of any abode. When you purchase window guards from Steel Shield Security Doors, our team is always focused on improving curb appeal.

Customers often ask about “window stops,” which is a safety feature that prevents windows from opening more than four inches. Steel Shield provides any customization features you request. Window stops do provide an added element of safety when you have adventurous kids who aren’t put off by heights.

Custom Window Guards

Safety is obviously the most important feature when it comes to the benefits window guards offer. However, the vast majority of our customers want to maintain the style or architecture of their home. Steel Shield Security Doors will work closely with you to ensure your home’s curb appeal is improved when we install window guards. You can choose from a range of styles or you can consult with a team of seasoned professionals who can make your ideas a reality.

Customization is available to all customers at competitive prices. We can provide functionality that doesn’t interfere with aesthetics. With window guards from Steel Shield Security Doors, you can even enhance the appearance of your home. We can provide solutions to customers who have windows that present unique challenges. Our team will not let you down when you need window guards that are designed to your specific specifications.

Intruder Deterrent

Children are not the only concern when homeowners consider the benefits of window guards. Intruders are not put off by windows. In fact, an intruder will use any window to enter a property while the residents are asleep. It takes less than ten minutes for a seasoned burglar to ransack your home and find valuable items. If you have window guards providing an added layer of protection, most would-be intruders won’t even bother attempting to break into your home.

We use genuine steel to construct window guards that are virtually impenetrable. Safety and security are built into every product Steel Shield Security Doors supplies to homeowners in Arizona. Our team takes personal pride in knowing they have helped to keep your home protected from the less desirable elements in society.

Quality Assurance Guaranteed

Steel Shield Security Doors is a licensed, bonded, and insured company in Arizona. We produce all window guards in-house. That means we are responsible for providing quality assurance in every product. You don’t have to worry about window guards that are supplied by unreliable sub-contractors who may not have a vested interest in keeping the community safe. As a local company, Steel Shield Security Doors is always focused on providing our customers with a high-quality product, which is guaranteed.
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