Security alarms have become a popular addition to residential homes. Responsible families want to do everything possible to protect their family members, property, and valuables against threats from unwanted intruders. Security alarms provide a warning when someone tries to force entry to your home.


Many of the newer systems are monitored, so when the alarm is triggered, the monitoring service can contact local law enforcement. Some high-end systems have remote cameras that can be viewed from any location on a digital device. You are notified when someone is around your property and can view them in real time. If you don’t know the person, you can then trigger an audible alarm and contact law enforcement.


These are helpful deterrents and ways of keeping tabs on the goings on around your property, especially when you are not at home. But, are alarm systems enough to stop burglars? Sadly, no. Alarm systems are designed to alert a chosen audience of an attempted forced entry, but they cannot stop a burglary or break-in from occurring. To stop an intruder, your home needs a physical barrier to prevent unwanted entry.


Alarms Cannot Prevent Physical Entry

An alarm is an alert device; by design, it cannot prevent a physical entry into your home. Noisy alarms may frighten away a few potential intruders, but not a real professional burglar. Especially when the thief has been watching your home and knows you’re away for the weekend or an extended vacation.


The alarm may also alert local law enforcement of a break-in, but a professional burglar knows where to look for valuables and will take what they want and be gone before police arrive. This happens over 96% of the time. And, the chances of recovering your property are even less. Conversely, a security door or window covering provides a physical barrier between your home and an unwelcome intruder.


Alarms Can Be Disabled or Hacked

Professional burglars know how to spot a monitored alarm connection and can easily cut the power, rendering the alarm useless. Moreover, many newer alarm systems using wireless technology can be hacked, disabling or compromising them from as far as 250 yards from your home. More sophisticated burglary operations can disable your system from 5,000 miles away!


These hackers could either disable your alarm system outright to allow easy entry or create so many false alarms that the system is essentially useless. Therefore, you don’t set it and your home is easy prey. A security door or window covering does not contain any circuitry or electronics, therefore it is unhackable.


Alarms and User Error

For a home alarm system to work, someone must be responsible for activating it. When you leave home or everyone goes to bed, the alarm must be set to active mode, or you might as well not have an alarm at all. You may remember to set the alarm nine nights out of ten, but it only takes one night to forget and allow an intruder to get in.


The fact is, a home alarm system’s most extreme weakness is the homeowner. It is only as useful as the homeowner allows it to become. But, a high-strength security door or window covering is a “set it and forget it” solution that requires no human input or monitoring once installed.


A Physical Defense System for Your Home

Security doors and protective window coverings from Steel Shield Security Doors provide a guaranteed physical defense system for your home. Steel Shield offers five different series of security doors – Classic, Estate, Hand Forged, Laser, and Premier – each filled with stunning steel doors that you are sure to love. Select a series below to see all the stunning doors Steel Shield has to offer you and your home.


  • CLASSIC SERIES – The Classic Series carries some of our finest selection of steel security screen doors in Arizona.
  • ESTATE SERIES – The Estate Series offers elegant doors that prove why we are the premier manufacturer and installer in the Phoenix valley for steel security doors.
  • LASER SERIES – In our Laser Series, you think up the design and we use a laser to cut the exact design into your door.
  • HAND FORGED SERIES – The Hand Forged Series comes in a variety of finishes and designs, and are made of the best quality steel material on the market.
  • PREMIER SERIES – You can’t beat the quality and workmanship found in the Premier Series security doors. It’s simply the best.


Our window guards are made of the toughest steel you can buy on the market. This is to ensure that no intruders or burglars enter your home through the window. Window guards are the best way to go for protecting the first story of your house. Although they look intimidating and can’t be cut like any other product out there on the market, we also feature some of the most stylish designs found anywhere.


Upgrade Your Home Security Today!

All our security doors and components are manufactured in the United States, and we give a $25 veterans discount on each security door and window. If you are ready to provide premier security for your home, contact our nearest office for a free in-home quote. Steel Shield Security Doors & More proudly services the following cities: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Glendale, Mesa, Chandler, Tempe, Anthem, Goodyear, Fountain Hills, Peoria, Carefree and Cave Creek.


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