Leave your worries behind when you go on your next vacation. Plan ahead to leave any risks of leaving your home unprotected.

The summer months are almost here which means you are probably already planning your vacations. There is one important thing that you need to remember when planning for a vacation no matter how long you are headed out of town for and that is the security of your house. There are a few things that you can prepare for ahead of time to keep you home safe and away from burglar’s sights.

1. House-Sitter or Neighbor

One of the best things that you can do to keep you house safe while you are gone is to have someone you trust watch your home. If you are unable to check your mail or get your newspaper each day, this having a house-sitter let’s someone pick it up so they aren’t pilling up in your mailbox or front yard. If you are going to use a neighbor to watch over your house, make sure you know them and talk to them before making a commitment. By telling your neighbors that you are leaving, they can watch your house and report any suspicious activity that they see as well.
Having someone actually stay at your house during your vacation is the best option, but if you do not know anyone, there are companies in which you can hire services to watch over your house. These companies offer reviews, background checks and references to make sure you have an honest and trusted person watching your house.

2. Create an illusion that you are still at home.

You can easily stop your mail and newspaper drops during the time that you are gone on vacation. This can be done by calling your post office which they can hold mail from 3 days to 30 days. This is also possible for your newspaper delivery. Newspaper, packages and mail that piles up is noticeable and can give burglars an opportunity to attack your home.
Another great tool to use is an automatic timer on your interior lights. These can also hook up to your smart phone so you are at will when you want to turn on or off your lights. It is not a good idea to keep your lights on the entire time, this can draw attention from outsiders when your lights are on in the middle of the night as well can increase your electricity bill.

3. Lock Up

One of the most obvious things you can do is to lock your doors and windows. Before you leave for vacation, walk through your entire house to make sure every kind of entry and windows are locked or dead bolted. You don’t want to make it easy for burglars to get into your home. You can prevent this by having a security door installed.
At Steel Shield Security, our custom doors are designed to make you safe and secure whether you are home or on vacation. Leave for vacation with the peace of mind knowing your house is protected with the toughest steel offered for your doors and windows.

4. Don’t announce online that you are leaving

We are in a digital age where we share everything online from Facebook to blogs. Posting you are on vacation or out of town, allows for people to find easily your post and target your home directly. Wait until you return home to post pictures about your recent travels.

5. Install added security features

The last thing that you can do protect your home is to add additional security features. Whether it be on your doors or windows or even adding a security camera, every little thing you add can help protect your home. Security cameras can help keep that extra eye on your house, even if you have someone watching it.

Protect your house at all costs before you leave for vacation. There are a reported 2 million home burglaries reported in the United States each year. Make sure you aren’t one of those by securing your doors and windows with the latest in security. According to studies, the highest percentage of burglaries occur during summer months. The only thing you need to worry about is your vacation, leave the security to Steel Shield Security Doors and More. Contact us today to learn more!