Home Burglary — How It Can Happen to You

The most common entry point for a home invader is through the front door. Statistics show 65 percent of home invasions occur through either the front, rear, or garage door. Contrary to what most would think, one-third come right in through the front door when a home is not secured.

You could prevent most of these when your home is not secured by installing a home security system, real steel doors, and window guards. There are other inexpensive or free methods to minimize your risk of home intrusion. A person who got burglarized before knows how emotionally stressful this incident can be. You feel devastated, your privacy invaded, and you’re always worried it could happen again.

This article is a synopsis of the details provided to Security Center by a Baltimore police officer who worked residential burglaries. A police officer is a great source on how to protect your home. They can not only tell you about the criminal mind but the methods they use to enter a vulnerable house.

The 5 Ways a Home Invader Will Use to Enter

The first thing a burglar will do is learn your schedule. They will watch you to see what time you leave in the morning when you get home from work or walk your dog and write down every detail for future use. One of the most vulnerable times is when people go on vacation. A burglar will notice signs that the owner is not home, such as if snow hasn’t been shoveled, your mail is piling up, and your home is always dark at night. Hire a neighbor to do these outdoor chores for you while you are away, and put your lights on a timer.

The second thing they will watch for is the resident retrieving an otherwise “hidden” key. What possible benefit does a locked door serve if a trespasser knows where the key is? Could that hidden key be a contributing factor to 34 percent of home invaders coming through the front door?

Third, a burglar will use a child to enter through a pet door and unlock the door for them. More and more unscrupulous burglars are using family members as their partners in crime.

Fourth, doors with windows and no guard over them are one of the other methods home raiders use for entry. They simply smash the glass, reach in, and twist the lock.

Fifth and finally, break-in artists use many “tools” of the trade. The days of credit cards and crowbars have passed, yet some still use these old-fashioned methods. However, most now use a “bump key.” And, even the traditional filed and shaped bump key has been replaced with what professional burglars call a master door-opener, which is an electronic technology developed by the FBI that can be bought on the black market to open just about any lock in seconds.

The Most Vulnerable Areas

Starting with the exterior of your home, a burglar will note several things. The most immediate being, is there a place for them to hide? Privacy while trying to break into a home that is not secured is vital. All that wonderful landscaping, like large hedges or bushes near windows and doors, obstruct the view from the street and your neighbors’ homes.

Another consideration is security lighting with motion detectors on the exterior. Key points of entry like doors and windows should be well lit to avoid any unwanted guests. These prowlers will not typically want to be caught lingering at a doorway or window, so don’t make it easy for them to get in. If a thief doesn’t see a quick way in, they will likely look for an easier target.

Do not undervalue the skills and cunning of today’s professional housebreakers. Physical protection is key.

Prevention Techniques

Your first line of defense involves securing the easiest ways to enter, your home’s doors and windows. These should be hardest for a thief to access. A sturdy, durable steel door with a solid steel frame and multi-point locks is an excellent place to start. You might even consider adding a coded entry rather than a key. Our real steel door can be customized to look like mahogany, cherry, or oak, so you will have the beauty of a wood door with the protection of steel.

Window guards are your second line of defense. Some say they don’t want their home to look like a prison; we get it. However, our window guards can be tailored to look like any other ornamental design that matches your architecture.

A burglary can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere when a home is not secured. The bottom line is diligence. If you think about your home’s vulnerabilities and implement these tips, you are well on your way to a secure and safe home.

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