We recently wrote a blog about if sliding doors provided adequate home security. To follow up with that blog post we wanted to share some tips with you about securing your French doors. Like sliding doors, French doors offer a way for intruders to use the center point to open the door with a screwdriver, unlocking the security bolts, but don’t worry! Because French doors allow for more light to be brought in as well as make a space feel more open, you can still install French doors without feeling worried about someone breaking in.


These five tips and tricks will help you keep your house beautiful while keeping out intruders.


  1. French doors usually lead to a patio, backyard or deck as well as have windows placed in them so you can view in and out. This, unfortunately, is an easy way for intruders to see into your home. By installing glass into your French doors that allow for you to see out but not see in, it can give your home the same look and feel but without the worry that someone is looking in.
  2. A thing to always remember is to lock your doors no matter if you are home or not. By just locking your door, you are giving intruders a harder chance of entering your home. If you forget to lock your door, a burglar is more tempted to enter your home since there is no need to break any glass to enter.
  3. As a precaution to any home, installing extra locks on your French door can greatly assist your home’s safety. Install deadbolts and even locks that are at the top and bottom of your French doors. Secure your home with locks to stop intruders in their path.
  4. Wood French doors can splinter and crack. Consider replacing your wood doors with a double or triple forged security French doors. These still give off the style and elegance you are looking for but without the worry of your doors drying out in the Arizona weather.
  5. One thing that intruders avoid at night is if your house has lighting on the exterior. By installing patio lights or motion sensor lights, you are exposing that a person is around your home without your knowledge. Intruders to not want to be seen by your neighbors so by keeping your homes exterior lights on at night you are deterring them away from your home.


Start keeping your house secure by installing the highest quality steel security doors to keep you and your family safe from intruders. Don’t wait until after a home invasion, stop them in their tracks before they can enter your home. Call the experts at Steel Shield Security today to learn more about how our security doors and windows can keep out intruders.