Reduce the risk of a house break-in by taking certain security precautions to help eliminate the likelihood of your house being vulnerable to intruders.

One thing every homeowner worries about is their house being broken into and their items were stolen. However, a lot of the times homeowners don’t take preventative measures until after their house has been broken into. Here are a few safety precautions that you can take to help prevent a burglary from happening in your house.

1. Home Security System

A security system installed in your house can be the first line of defense to stopping intruders from entering your home. However, this only works when you actively use this system and turn it on when no one is in the house.
These systems help to notify you and the police if someone enters your house without turning off the alarm. Another thing that has recently been in the news is people stealing packages left at front doors. This is another opportunity to install a security camera to keep a watchful eye on your property to help prevent a burglary.

2. Doors & Gates

Interestingly, 34% of break-ins happen at the front door, because people accidentally leave it unlocked or open to bring in the fresh air. By installing the right security screen door, you can prevent intruders by making it tough to kick down your door. There are several different types of doors that allow security for you and your family.
Another break-in point for burglars is through the back yard. If you have valuables in your back yard, it may be time to think about installing a security gate. These gates will ensure that your family and property are safe.

3. Windows

People have the tendency to leave windows open during beautiful and cool days. This can also attract burglars to your house because they are seeing a form of entry. Easy to reach windows on the first floor of a home can also be an option for entry for intruders. Find a mesh screen window that allows you to be able to bring in fresh air without having to worry about anyone coming in.
Window guards & Crimsafe are two of Steel Shield Security’s products that can protect and prevent your house from intruders. Window guards are made out of the toughest steel and can’t be cut. This is an intimidating product that intruders don’t want to mess with. Crimsafe windows are a security mesh that keeps out intruders and insects. This screen is not like other screens on the market. It makes your home practically impenetrable while keeping a curb appeal. Both of these products have features that won’t allow for them to be kicked out, broken, or entered through.

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